Hasan wants stronger Twitch response to hate raids amid daily botting

hasanabi piker twitch streamerInstagram: hasandpiker

Twitch star Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker wants to help Twitch deal with the rise of “hate raids” after dealing with botting on a daily basis.

In the last few weeks, an increasing number of Twitch streamers have fallen victim to “hate raids”, which are essentially streamer’s chats being botted with hundreds of spam messages with racist and homophobic derogatory terms.

The main focus of hate raids is towards LGBTQ+ and minority groups of streamers, but slowly other streamers outside those groups have experienced the plague that is quickly spreading across the platform.

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One notable streamer who has experienced these raid’s on an almost daily basis is HasanAbi and he isn’t going to stay quiet about the situation or Twitch’s lack of effort to stop what goes against TOS.

Hasan 'HasanAbi' Piker streaming on Twitch

While he may experience the botting on a daily basis, Hasan does have a robust team of mods that are quick to address any situations in his chat, a luxury that isn’t afforded to some burgeoning streamers.

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It can be hard to deal with hundreds of bots spamming at once, and despite Twitch having workarounds like follower-only and subscriber-only modes, it can be damaging to smaller streamers that are trying to grow.

As a result, Hasan says he’s going to “definitely talk to Twitch about this issue” because there are only temporary solutions right now. “It’s not something that anyone should deal with, let alone smaller streamers trying to grow,” he said.

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Hasan has taken a different approach to other streamers experiencing hate raids. Some creators – including ‘RekItRaven‘ – have banded together to start the #ADayOffTwitch boycott as a way to make their voices heard regarding Twitch’s initial response to the hate raids.

Streamers affected by the hate raids believe Twitch’s response wasn’t strong enough, so the movement is an effort to be taken seriously by the platform and is asking streamers to not go live or visit the site on September 1. It remains to be seen if how many more will join them.

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