Hasan claps back at Twitch haters after buying $200,000 Porsche

Shay Robson
Hasanabi dancing next to his new $200,000 PorscheYouTube: Hasan

Popular Twitch streamer Hasan ‘Hasanabi’ Piker has clapped back at haters after outrage from buying a $200,000 Porshe Taycan.

In August 2020, Twitch star Hasan came under fire for purchasing a luxurious Hollywood home that cost him an impressive $2.74 million.

Many critics believed the purchase was hypocritical, given that he identifies as a socialist, but he quickly clapped back at those complaints, noting it’s a family home and also a place for him to work.

Now, Hasan is once again facing backlash for purchasing a new car that set him back $200,000, leading him to clap back at the “predictable” haters.

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Hasan hits back at Twitch outrage over him buying $2.74m Hollywood homeRodeo Realty
Hasan’s new house is a luxurious $2M mansion.

After buying his brand-new $200,000 Porshe Tycan during a live stream on February 4, Hasan began receiving backlash for the expensive and extravagant purchase.

However, the popular Twitch streamer was prepared for the hate – in fact, Hasan even predicted it would happen in a tweet from August 2021.

Quote retweeting his old post, Piker added: “If you even got mad for a second about this new car meme on the internet, I own you. I’m living rent-free inside of your mind. You are predictable.”

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In follow-up tweets, Hasan continued: “Nobody thinks I’m some socialist Jesus. I’m a Twitch streamer telling you why you’re probably angry. All my content is free everywhere. I let people make money off their fan channels,” he noted.

“Yet some still choose to give me money. At a certain point, I’m sure people will stop being mad about this.”

Despite facing some heat on social media, Hasan still has a large number of supporters behind his back.

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