What happened to Hannah from Below Deck Med? Why she was fired by Captain Sandy

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Hannah Ferrier was one of Below Deck Mediterranean’s most popular Chief Stews, but was fired by Captain Sandy Yawn in 2020. Here’s everything we know about her current life back on land.

The 36-year-old reality TV personality Hannah Ferrier rose to fame as the Chief Stewardess on the popular Bravo show, and was one of the most experienced on board, with years of industry experience.

Hannah had been a part of the show since its beginning in 2016 and was best known for her no-nonsense attitude, quick wit, and the occasional bust-up with co-stars.

Like anything, nothing lasts forever and she was forced off the show by Captain Sandy in 2020. Here’s everything we know about Hannah’s current life back in Australia.

What happened to Hannah from Below Deck Med? Fired by Captain Sandy

hannah below deckk
Hannah was gobsmacked when Sandy decided to let her go.

Hannah Ferrier was a Chief Stew on Below Deck Mediterranean since Season 1 and lasted until Season 5 when she was fired by Captain Sandy Yawn.

Captain Sandy took issue with the Australian taking Valium on board, violating maritime laws concerning contraband. Soon after, she booted her off the charter and has never returned to Bravo‘s television series.

In the episode, the captain orders a meeting with Hannah, saying: “Hannah, it has been brought to my attention that you have drugs on board and that you haven’t presented a prescription for that. The valium was laid out with your pot in your cabin… This is very serious, management is involved.”

Sandy added she couldn’t “go to sea with somebody doing drugs” and later dismissed Ferrier. Previously, Hannah had been found hyperventilating on the floor and experienced panic attacks on board.

What does Hannah Ferrier do now?

Hannah Ferrier left Below Deck and had a baby with her boyfriend Josh Roberts, but she’s been back in Europe to film a show called ‘The Love Boat Australia’ on CBS.

Ferrier is the cruise director on the show. Speaking to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, she discussed the differences between Below Deck and the new venture: “With The Real Love Boat, it was obviously just really nice to be kind of treated like talent.

“That was a nice experience to have and yeah, it’s such a different show, obviously, and I’m in such a different position.”

In addition to the role in that series, Hannah also hosts a podcast called “Dear Reality, You’re Effed!” According to its Apple podcast page, it has a 4.8/5 rating.

Hannah has also appeared on the Australian version of the popular show The Traitors.

Who replaced Hannah on Below Deck Mediterranean?

hannah below deck
Hannah Ferrier was one of the most popular Chief Stews in the Below Deck series.

After leaving Below Deck Mediterranean during Season 5, Hannah Ferrier was replaced by Bugsy Drake.

Since that season of the show, Katie Flood and Natasha Webb have both taken up the Chief Stew job for Captain Sandy. Hannah is still the show’s longest-serving chief in the interior team and while she has been swapped out for others, is still very popular with fans.

Do Captain Sandy and Hannah still talk?

After a dramatic firing in Season 5, Hannah Ferrier has since stated that she is not on speaking terms with her former captain, Sandy Yawn.

On her podcast, Hannah has accused Captain Sandy of being “jealous” of her social media following, which sits at over 800,000 followers on Instagram, and also said she was a micro-manager.

Shockingly, in October 2023 Sandy revealed during an episode of Watch What Happens Live! that she would welcome Hannah back as a member of her crew in the future. Either the two have patched their relationship back up out of the public eye, or Sandy made that admittance all on her own accord. Either way, there’s hope for Hannah to come back to the franchise for a much-needed comeback.

On January 24, 2024, Hannah had a conversation with the former Below Deck Captain, Lee Rosbach. She told him how she felt that Sandy Yawn had concluded her character while watching the show instead of getting to know her in person.

Hannah said, “What had happened is she had watched the show before she came on, and she made her decision about me on a few things that had happened. I think it was about 45 seconds from our first introduction, they had to stop production and be like, ‘Sandy, you can’t talk to her like that.’ Like, straight off the bat.”

Hannah is open to returning to Below Deck

Hannah was on Lee Rosbach‘s podcast Salty with Captain Lee, where she revealed what it would take for her to return to the Below Deck franchise.

She revealed that she might be open to returning but for only some yacht captains, and this included Captain Lee and Below Deck Med’s Jason Chambers. Her list did not include Captain Sandy Yawn.

She said, “So I am not sure it would be conducive to come back to the Mediterranean, but I always said if [Captain Lee] or [Captain] Jason [Chambers] needed help or were stuck, I would help you guys. I don’t know about [Captain] Kerry [Titheradge]. I don’t really know him, so I don’t think I need to help him.”

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