HAchubby speechless after viewer stream snipes her at the perfect moment

Brent Koepp
HAchubby at Disneyland

Korean Twitch streamer HAchubby was left stunned after a stream sniper crashed her IRL broadcast at Disneyland and arrived at the perfect time.

HAchubby was one of the breakout stars of Twitch in 2019, starting the year with a couple hundred followers, and exploding in popularity as her audience connected with her journey to learn English and meme culture.

However, the Korean personality was visiting Disneyland during a trip to the United States when a viewer stream sniped her broadcast to offer some help.

The popular Korean streamer is currently visiting the United States.

HAchubby stream sniped at Disneyland

The Twitch personality was in the middle of her IRL stream at Disneyland when she and her friend fellow streamer ‘AngelsKimi’ needed to charge their phones.

Both streamers broke into laughter when they showed their viewers the charging cords they bought that were so tiny that they were pretty much useless, when a viewer watching their broadcast approached them off camera.

Shocked, HAchubby let out a scream before panning the camera to the right, where their stream sniper stood holding a long charging cable, and said “This one?”

The Korean star was left speechless as the viewer handed her the cable. Kimi then took the cord and held it up to compare to the ones they bought, showing the chat the massive difference in length.

“Really? Thank you! Oh my!” HAchubby exclaimed. Her friend then asked the man “How we can give it back to you?” and they exchanged Discord information with the sniper.

After they tested that their phones worked with the cable, the viewer took off. Still shocked by the whole thing, HAchubby couldn’t stop covering her mouth with her hand and laughing. “I can’t believe this is happening. Oh my God!” she exclaimed.

While rare, this isn’t the first time a stream sniper has come to the rescue at the right time. An IRL streamer was brought food by a viewer while broadcasting in Japan, just as one example.

HAchubby continues to rise in popularity on the streaming platform, and at the time of writing, she has amassed over 161,000 followers on Twitch.

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