HAchubby stunned after Twitch chat baits her into classic prank

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Popular Korean streamer HAchubby was talking to her Twitch chat during her November 4 broadcast when they managed to trick her with a hilarious prank that blew her mind.

An essential component of streaming is the relationship between the streamer and their audience, and no-one has mastered that as quickly as Korean star HAchubby, who blew up in popularity in 2019 with her hilarious interactions with viewers. 

The Twitch star has used her audience’s help to learn English and understand meme culture, and during her latest broadcast the streaming personality was blown away by a prank the chat pulled over her that had her seeing double – literally. 

Instagram: HAchubbyThe Korean streamer is one of the fastest growing Twitch channels in 2019.

Chat tricks HAchubby with classic prank

The Korean Twitch star was talking with her chat when they sent her a picture with a link embedded and asked her to click it. “What is this?” she asked inquisitively. “Daily quest to get hachu to click this link twice,” she read out loud, before clicking the image which took her to a black page. 

She then let out a yelp, after she suddenly saw herself on screen repeating the same thing she had just said just slightly delayed. The streamer then watched herself mirrored across the screen four times, as it kept playing the last couple of seconds of what she had just said. “What is that!? she screamed, before she exclaimed “That was weird!” as she tried to figure out what had just happened. 

Still confused as to what it was, the Korean personality saw an explanation in the chat but needed to post it in a translator. It read: “It’s a website that redirects you to your Twitch stream!”

After letting it sink in, HAchubby then realized the link was loading a new page of her stream, but due to the delay, was mirroring her and repeating what she had said seconds prior. “Ohhhh. What!” she said bursting into laughter after realizing she had been tricked.

HAchubby continues to be one of the fastest growing new channels on Twitch in 2019, as the Korean only had 6,000 followers in May, and saw an explosion in growth in just under seven months. She now has 126,000 as of the time of writing this article

The lovable streamer amassed her following from her interactions with her chat, which saw the Korean streamer learning about Western culture with the help of Twitch chat, as well as streaming from her job – which she sadly had to quit in October due to someone doxxing the store’s location. 

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