Gymshark athletes expose viral fitness hacks in hilarious YouTube video

Virginia Glaze

Bodybuilders and YouTubers “MattDoesFitness” and Zack Perna tested the mettle of the net’s most viral and “obscene” fitness products — but do they live up to the hype of their infomercials?

If you’ve ever channel surfed on the sofa, you’ve likely seen infamous TV spots for such items as the “shake weight,” ab stimulators, and various other items meant to take the “work” out of your workout.

Boasting lofty claims and supposedly shocking results, Gymshark athlete MattDoesFitness decided to put these products’ pride to the test in a hilarious video that exposed some of television’s most widely-advertised fitness enhancers.

MattDoesFitness poses for a photo in the gym.
YouTuber and athlete MattDoesFitness tested the mettle of infomercials’ most famous workout products.

Of course, Matt began with the “shake weight,” noting that the product felt as though it had been assembled at the now-defunct Toys-R-Us.

Upon watching the informercial, both Matt and his co-host Zack Perna couldn’t help but laugh at its apparent difficulty, calling it “absolutely outrageous” and were “amazed that it’s allowed to exist.”

However, the “PY Neckline” machine actually impressed Zack, who claimed that he could feel the double chin-eliminator actually working his neck muscles.

“I actually feel it in my neck,” he admitted. “Dude, I’m not gonna lie, this is actually, like… I get DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) here!”

PY Neckline slimmer.
The PY Neckline device advertises a simmer neckline with daily use – a machine that surprised the Gymshark athletes.

Matt was also pleasantly surprised by the “Workout Arms” machine, admitting that it does work the triceps — although its ability to help the biceps and chest is a bit murky, in comparison.

“Fair enough,” he began. “To an extent, you are engaging your triceps. Biceps, that’s mechanically impossible. Chest — if you have the weakest chest in the world.”

These were far from the most outrageous product, though, with the duo later trying out the “Slim Suit,” designed to allegedly help weight loss while doing everyday tasks.

To drive the ridiculousness of the suit home, the athletes wore the “duct tape” duds out in public, even using some of their newfound workout equipment in full view of confused onlookers.

While some of the fitness products pleasantly surprised the Gymshark athletes, they ultimately encouraged getting results the good old-fashioned way: by hitting the gym and eating right.

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