GTA 5 is replacing Just Chatting as Twitch’s most popular category

Connor Bennett
GTA 5 character with planes
Rockstar Games

Just Chatting is usually the king of Twitch, however, as the calendar has turned from April to May, it’s been overtaken by Grand Theft Auto 5 as GTA RP continues to be huge.

There have been a few iterations of GTA RP over the last few years, and each time a new update releases, the multiplayer mod becomes pretty popular on Twitch.

However, with the release of NoPixel’s 3.0 update, the game has skyrocketed in popularity. Streamers like xQc, Summit1g, HasanAbi, Sykkuno, and even Pokimane have gotten involved, and more content creators are lining up to play.

What’s surprising this time around, though, is just how big it’s become on Twitch. GTA RP usually lands GTA V in the top five most-watched games for a few weeks, but it is continuing to go strong.

GTA RP NoPixel server
Rockstar Games
‘NoPixel is GTA RP’s premier roleplay server.

GTA RP dethrones Just Chatting on Twitch

In fact, the interest in GTA RP has gotten so strong that, in the first week of May, it’s taken the crown off Just Chatting for the most-watched category on Twitch.

Just Chatting, as any regular Twitch user knows, is pretty much untouchable and will sit in the most-watched slot for days, unless there’s a huge esports event or a new game being released.

However, in the first week of May, according to stats from SullyGnome, it’s been dethroned by GTA RP. The GTA section has averaged just over 5,000 more viewers for the first week of May, but the peak viewership is way higher and tops at almost 300,000 more viewers.

SullyGnome stats for GTA RP taking down Just Chatting
Stats from SullyGnome show how big GTA RP has gotten.

xQc & Summit1g are GTA RP stars

While some full-time roleplay streamers have gotten a nice boost from the increased interest, some of the biggest viewership bounces have gone to already established creators.

Both xQc and AuronPlays – a Spanish streamer who plays on his own server, not NoPixel – regularly average over 150,000 viewers whenever they drop into GTA RP. Then you’ve got the likes of Sykkuno, Summit1g, and MoonMoon helping bump everything up with their huge followings.

Stats for xQc's popularity in GTA RP
xQc is way out in front in the GTA section.

Now, this isn’t all to say that GTA RP and GTA 5 are going to stay atop Twitch for a long time, but it does show just how big it’s gotten this year, and especially now in May.

Some streamers have started to wain themselves off the multiplayer mod and find other things to play, but as more updates roll out, it could skyrocket even further. We’ll just have to wait and see.