Grimace’s takeover continues as Skyrim mod introduces the purple shake in-game

Grimace’s takeover continues as Skyrim mod introduces the purple shakeBethesda Game Studios / Gabby Romero

The Grimace Shake has become an unstoppable internet sensation, with its latest conquest reaching the lands of Skyrim.

When McDonald’s announced a new purple meal celebrating the birthday of its character ‘Grimace’ the internet went wild with countless memes and plenty of cursed lore.

In particular, the mysterious Grimace Shake has captured the interest of many content creators. The weirdly infectious phenomenon has made one thing clear: don’t drink the purple concoction.

While TikTok was the first to engage with the purple monster’s birthday shake, Grimace has since spread his evil clutches to various platforms and games.

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Now the drink is continuing to wreak havoc, this time shaking things up on Skyrim.

Uploaded by user MissleMann, the Grimace Mead mod is a new addition to the game and can be purchased from Belethor’s General Goods in Whiterun.

The mod description doesn’t give away what properties the shake offers, stating, “Go and purchase the one-of-a-kind mead Belethor made to celebrate his good friend’s birthday. He only has one, just for you! So make sure to enjoy it! Happy Birthday Grimace!”

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Based on playthroughs on YouTube, the shake transports players to a new secondary location with various side effects.

Sometimes the screen is obscured by a purple haze, while other times players have found themselves surrounded by a strange purple goo.

While the Grimace Shake doesn’t actually have any serious real-life consequences, it doesn’t seem like the internet will stop churning out cursed Grimace content any time soon.

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