Gordon Ramsay mocks rival chef in viral TikTok video

Kawter Abed
Gordon Ramsay TikTok

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay mocked his rival chef Jamie Oliver in hilarious TikTok video that’s gone viral.

While the two appear to be in good terms now, the British celebrity chefs have reportedly had a 10-year feud, which was rumored to be more than just some light-hearted jabs.

It all started when they appeared on a food show together in the 2000’s. It was reported that by the end of filming, the pair were rowing so much that they refused to be photographed together, and they had to be photoshopped next to each other for promotional materials.

However, the chefs seem to have made up recently, as the two have enjoyed mocking each other on various occasions, while maintaining a friendly and respectful relationship at the same time.

But those dormant fires of rivalry seem to have been stoked recently.

Ramsay tells Oliver what he thinks of his cookbook

The clip, posted by Ramsay’s daughter Tilly, shows him joking about stealing fellow chef Jamie Oliver’s recipes.

The ‘F Word’ star shared a comment from a social media user that read “I bet you are one of those chefs that just steal other people’s recipes.”

Ramsay then points at himself, and wags his finger, before spinning around to reveal his rival chef’s 2004 recipe book shoved into the back of his pants.

The video, jokingly captioned “Secrets out,” has amassed over 17 million views on the social media platform.

Fans react to Gordon Ramsay’s “cheeky” video

Thousands of amused fans couldn’t resist commenting under the shady, but lighthearted video.

“Mans just indirectly said he uses Jamie’s book as toilet paper” one of the top comments read.

“This is the shade I’m here for” a fan wrote.

Someone had an interesting suggestion: “Okay okay hear me out… Ramsay vs Oliver boxing match.”

Jamie Oliver even left a cheeky comment: “Great! I’ll be sure to send you a copy of my new book ONE when it’s out in September then.”

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