GinaDarling accuses Katkwo of “taking advantage” of cosplayers

YouTube: GinaDarling

On October 12, GinaDarling publicly accused Katkwo of taking advantage of cosplayers for “her own sexual needs,” and attempted to warn the community of their predatory actions.

According to Gina Darling, fellow cosplayer Katkwo actively contacted others in the community with an ulterior motive, which they initially disguised as collaboration. Katkwo allegedly wanted to find a third to participate in a three-way with her and her boyfriend, Edward Trail. And in order to find their third partner, the two pressured members of the cosplaying community to partake in sexual relations.

Gina Darling told Twitter the couple attempted blackmailing others, backing up her claims with screenshots of private conversations.

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Gina accuses Katkwo of blackmail

One of the screenshots shared an interaction between Katkwo and another cosplayer, where the individual rejected Katkwo’s sexual advance.

“I’m conveying to you that it is rather difficult and you are very attractive, but I have to say no to you touching my crotch unless my significant other says yes,” the anonymous person told Katkwo.

“I don’t care about your significant other,” Katko replied.

Many other incidents were shared, exposing Katko’s potentially predatory behavior. The cosplayer has been called out for threatening ostracization from the scene on multiple occasions.

Gina shared a message she received from another anonymous source: “I feel like if I turn her down, I’m losing a bunch of connections,” the message read. Gina’s heart broke after she learned of the incident.

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“Being afraid to say no to someone because you don’t want to lose business connections early in your career is understandable but not if it costs you your safety,” she stated on Twitter.