Low-budget cosplayer amazes League of Legends fans

Carver Fisher
Low budget League of Legends cosplay

Some cosplayers spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on their cosplays. Rena creates League of Legends cosplays with everyday items and MS paint, and they look amazing.

Cosplay is an incredibly fun way to represent your favorite characters, with the most dedicated cosplayers putting a great deal of effort into their creations.

However, Rena_Angel is different. While he’s capable of creating high-quality cosplays, something he does here and there, Rena likes to create low-budget cosplays mainly based on League of Legends.

A low budget certainly doesn’t mean low effort, however.

Turning everyday objects into something amazing

Not only does Rena pull off incredibly imaginative creations with everyday items, but he also shows the process for the entire thing.

For instance, in this cosplay of Rell, a character from League of Legends, he covered himself in tin foil to become her steed and then photoshopped himself on top of it.

His ingenuity with limited resources seemingly knows no bounds, and he already has dozens of creations on his page. These aren’t limited to just characters from the game, either.

It’s hard to imagine anyone else that has cosplayed, for instance, a League of Legends ward.

Rena’s cosplay inspiration knows no bounds. Where most people cosplay their favorite characters, Rena cosplays every part of the game. From item icons and spells to structures, he’ll make anything.

However, there are a few of his creations that stand out from the rest as a true display of his skill in this very niche art form.

Finding his best work

Rena has a massive catalog of low-budget cosplays to work through. Through this vast selection, Rena has a few creations that really stand out as near 1 to 1 caricature of the subject he’s trying to replicate.

This Bard cosplay has a lot going on, but the final result is strikingly similar to Bard’s original character design. While the mask and hair may be made out of plastic bags and tape, they’re an accurate representation of what is a fairly abstract character design.

Rena really put his MS paint skills to the test for this Zed cosplay with some great results. It captures the atmosphere of the original surprisingly well, even if he’s perched on books under a flag flying cut-up garbage bags.

Rena’s best work isn’t limited to characters, either. He’s got an eye for detail and can replicate seemingly small aspects of League of Legends like item icons.

Some of his item cosplays are shockingly close to the in-game icons. His depiction of Edge of Night is almost 1 to 1 and isn’t all that easy to distinguish from the original icon.

The world of cosplay is a vast one. And, while there’s something to be said for cosplays that people pour hundreds and hundreds of hours into, there’s also a place for something created in an afternoon. Rena’s imagination shows us that anyone can access cosplay and dress up as their favorite character, even if they don’t have much to work with.

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