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Gamer claims he was fired after his boss added him on Xbox

Published: 10/May/2022 18:23

by Michael Gwilliam


A TikToker shared some advice to all gamers not to add random accounts to your friends’ list after his boss supposedly added him and fired him shortly thereafter.

It’s not every day that your boss ends up adding you on Xbox, but for one TikToker, it seems like his decision to accept the request had some major consequences.

In a wild TikTok, the user, who appears to go by Brandon, shared an email from his boss explaining that he had been terminated from a company.

“So I got fired from my job today,” he said. “Don’t add random people on Xbox, because apparently bosses do that now and I work from home, I play Xbox, you know what I mean?”


@placementco Bruh… today is the day I stop accepting friend requests… #fired #coworkers #work #9to5 #corporatetiktok #workbestie ♬ original sound – placementco

TikTokers accuse Xbox firing of being fake

In a follow-up video, the user claimed that he had no idea what his boss’s gamer tag is, but segued into it being “all good” because he was hiring a career coach to help him find a new job soon and advertised a placement site.

Amusingly, as other TikTokers pointed out, both videos were uploaded to an account called ‘placementco’ and accused the clips of being fake.

“When you realize this is a really clever ad for this company,” one wrote, prompting ‘placementco’ to reply, “What you mean? I don’t even work for Placement.”

@placementco Reply to @hparker81818 ♬ original sound – placementco

“You got fired because bosses friend people on Xbox now?” another asked.


“Bruh I had 14 kills in a Fortnite solo match when I got the email…. Got the dub though,” the uploader replied with a trophy emoji.

In an email to The Daily Dot, a Placement spokesperson explained that the account features, “fictional stories based on real-life scenarios our clients have experienced,” but noted that this particular video “should be taken more as a parable and less as an auto-biographical account.”

TikToker fired
Users were suspicious that the TikToker’s story was true.

“Of course, Placement recommends everybody work during the expected hours agreed upon with their company,” the spokesperson continued. “However, if an employee takes a break by playing Xbox, browsing Twitter, etc. they should be aware that their employers might see this activity and factor it into a performance conversation.”


While the truth behind the Xbox firing remains unclear, the moral of story remains one that gamers should probably still take at face value: don’t go adding accounts when you don’t know who they belong to.