Gabbie Hanna slammed by Joey Graceffa & Daniel Preda amid bullying accusations

Joey Graceffa and Gabbie Hanna in an image togetherYouTube: Gabbie Hanna / Instagram: joeygraceffa

Joey Graceffa has described Gabbie Hanna as being “truly awful” on the set of his show ‘Escape the Night’ after she released a video accusing him and Daniel Preda of “cruelty and bullying.”

‘Escape the Night’ was a reality series hosted by YouTuber Joey Graceffa that launched in 2016, and was  YouTube Premium’s longest-running series until it was canceled in 2020.

Countless popular YouTube personalities appeared on the show to participate in challenges and puzzles, one of which was Gabbie Hanna.

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On June 27, she released a video to her YouTube channel titled ‘Escape the Nightmare,’ and the main drama that she addressed in the video was her experience working on the ‘Escape the Night’ set and how she claims she was treated by producers Daniel Preda and Joey afterwards.

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In the episode, she admitted that she “used to be really difficult to work with,” but described some of the issues she had with the production of the show and the way things were handled behind the scenes that made filming difficult.

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Gabbie also showed clips of them talking about her behavior after she’d apologized, going on to show a screenshot of an apology she’d sent them both when she exited the show.

Following the video, Joey responded to her comments via Twitter. “Lmaooooooo always playing the victim,” he wrote, adding: “I’ve been very silent about how truly awful she was on set but if this is the game she wants to play.. let’s play b*tch.”

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Joey Graceffa tweets about Gabbie Hanna

Daniel also responded to the video. “It’s unfortunate to see myself & a show I worked extremely hard to produce for 4 years, painted in such a dark light in order to attempt another 15 minutes of internet relevancy,” he said.

“At best, it’s manipulative & delusional. You want the truth, but the question is, can you handle mine?”

Daniel Preda comments on Gabbie Hanna

Both producers also retweeted Rosanna Pansino’s comments on the situation. She said that Daniel and Joey were “extremely patient and accommodating” during filming, and claimed that Gabbie’s video “painted an untruthful picture of what happened.”

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She alleged that Gabbie didn’t come to the three wardrobe fittings, didn’t fill out a dietary requirements sheet, and said she called a female production assistant a “dumb c**t” and walked off set after she was given call time that was 10 minutes different to what she was originally told.

However, Gabbie addressed each of these claims in a response tweet.

Gabbie also said: “Let Joey and Daniel expose whatever they’ve been threatening to expose me with. All it does is further demonstrate their cruelty and bullying. I’ve already said I was a raging b*tch, as have they. They’re not “proving” anything except that they’re also b*tches.”

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Other creators like Trisha Paytas have spoken out against the video, and the tense online drama has got fans wondering what the truth of the situation is.

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