Foul-mouthed streamer gets punched multiple times mid-stream - Dexerto

Foul-mouthed streamer gets punched multiple times mid-stream

Published: 14/Dec/2018 20:26 Updated: 14/Dec/2018 22:38

by Bill Cooney


Sometimes there are stream clips that make you take step back and ask yourself what you’re watching, and this clip of a guy getting punched in his living room is definitely one of those.

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The clip starts out with three “friends” sitting in the living room, and was posted to the LivestreamFail subreddit by user swanny_EiZO.

The situation plays out as the guy in the sunglasses goes on about how “hard” he is, and dares his friend in the neon green to “own him.”

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According to swanny_EiZO, they were watching the guy in sunglasses try to freestyle, when he invited some friends, the person in the neon green and the other individual over.


When the guy left, swanny decided to banter with his friends and tell them he had been talking trash about them when they weren’t there, the gentleman in the neon green seemed to have taken it too seriously, and proceeded to beat his friend up live on camera.

WARNING: The following clip contains some harsh language.

Guy gets punched on stream from r/LivestreamFail

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After the fight, the bandanna clad man’s friends, or “street brother’s”, as he called them according to swanny_EiZO, decided to take off.

The clip comes from the PS4 “Playroom” game, which is built into the system for use with the PS4 camera. Based on how this all turned out, we might not get to see this group livestream again for awhile.