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Fortnite streamer NickEh30 joins Luminosity Gaming

Published: 11/Nov/2020 19:30

by Jacob Hale


Luminosity Gaming have officially signed Twitch’s most positive Fortnite streamer, Nicholas ‘NickEh30’ Amyoony, as a content creator.

While other creators have migrated to games such as Warzone, Among Us, Valorant and more in recent months, Nick has stayed loyal to Fortnite, becoming one of the biggest names the game has to offer.

The 25-year-old streamer has continued to make moves since blowing up on Fortnite, officially signing an exclusivity deal with Twitch in August 2019, as well as hosting his own $10k Fortnite tournament that takes place later in November 2020.

He continues to make big moves, now officially signing with Luminosity Gaming who are consistently finding ways to bolster their presence in the esports and livestreaming worlds.

NickEh30 Fortnite Bose headset
Instagram: NickEh30/Bose
NickEh30 is widely loved for his upbeat and positive streams.

“They’ve just been one of those organizations that I’ve talked to and they really have that same emphasis as me, which is community and family,” Nick told us. “And they really, even from that first call that I did with them when I was going through different organizations, you could really tell they had that emphasis on family and community”

This comes barely a month after LG also signed xQc, who has become one of the most-watched broadcasters on Twitch with his Among Us streams, and is helping the organization find the next big streamer in their Rising Stars tournament at EGLX, which ends on Friday, November 13.

This signing marks Nick’s first tenure with a major organization, as well as highlighting Luminosity’s ongoing commitment to building the brand in all corners of the gaming sphere.

As well as its growing base of content creators, LG host teams in Fortnite, Apex Legends and Valorant, as well as owning the Vancouver Titans OWL franchise and Seattle Surge CDL franchise.


Bryce Hall apologizes to Dixie D’Amelio & Noah Beck for stripper prank

Published: 25/Feb/2021 22:41

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star and Sway House member Bryce Hall has officially apologized to Dixie D’Amelio after pranking her boyfriend with strippers — and his way of saying sorry is one for the books.

On February 17, Hall uploaded a YouTube video in which he decided to prank Dixie by blindfolding Noah and hiring two exotic dancers to do their thing around him. During this time, Hall FaceTimed Dixie to show off the proceedings, leading the completely unamused D’Amelio sister to quickly end the call.

Unsurprisingly, many fans felt the prank was “insensitive” and potentially relationship-damaging; but while Dixie and Noah appear to be on good terms despite the practical joke, Hall has since decided to make up for his blunder in a big way.

A few days later, Hall brought Noah back to his home for yet another surprise — but this time, it was a far more positive one. After presenting Noah with a heartfelt letter, Bryce revealed that he’d purchased the TikTok-famous couple a voucher for a beachside hotel in Malibu, California, which they can redeem at any time.

“I got a suite for you guys on the beach in Malibu,” he explained. “It’s really nice. I felt bad for the prank. …and it’s a voucher, so you can go whatever day you want.”

Luckily, it seems that both Dixie and Noah are happy with Bryce’s unexpected gift, with Noah joking that “Bryce does have a heart!” before admitting: “That’s so nice, actually!”

“Thank you Bryce! That’s very kind,” Dixie added, who was let in on the situation — once again — via FaceTime. “I appreciate it!”

It looks like things are all smooth on the homefront with these three in wake of a prank that even had Dixie’s mother slamming Bryce Hall for being “disrespectful” to her daughter.

(Topic begins at 2:48)

Noah himself had even called for Hall to apologize beforehand, stating during paparazzi video: “He shouldn’t be apologizing to me. He should be apologizing to Dixie.”

While Bryce is known for his “party animal” lifestyle, it’s nice to see the TikTok star showing his soft side — especially when it brings together some of his best friends.