NickEh30 left red-faced after trying to be family-friendly in Modern Warfare 2 lobby

nickeh30 in modern warfare 2 streamActivision/Twitch: NickEh30

Fortnite streamer NickEh30 was forced to mute his entire game chat after attempting to bring his family-friendly vibes and content to Modern Warfare 2, and getting the exact response you’d expect from the Call of Duty community.

NickEh30 became a huge star in Fortnite, and really embraced the fun, cartoonish style of the game, following in the footsteps of other top streamers and content creators by going family-friendly. This essentially meant that he wouldn’t swear or let any toxicity into his stream.

He became very well-known as “the family-friendly streamer,” making it a huge part of his brand, and it’s provided a lot of success for him so far, earning over 4m followers on Twitch.

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All of that means nothing, though, when you enter a Call of Duty lobby, as Nick very quickly discovered when he started playing Modern Warfare 2.

In the days following launch, Nick has been streaming his games and attempting to make friends with his teammates and enemies alike, but quickly discovered that Call of Duty players don’t respond too well to that.

As shown in the clip below, Nick gave a simple “GGs” at the end of the game, when everybody on each team could hear, and it didn’t take long for things to go south.

“Bro you f**king suck,” said one player. “Shut up, b*tch.”

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Another one pointed out that Nick was “bottom of the scoreboard” before the streamer promptly hit the ‘Mute All’ button, apologizing to his stream and saying that game chat will have to be muted.

This was one of just many similar clips from Nick’s recent streams, clearly having no success trying to make his CoD lobbies family-friendly too.

No matter how hard Nick tries to spread his positivity, it seems unlikely that he’ll ever get his MW2 lobbies to say a simple GGs and not roast each other — but that’s something a lot of CoD players will take pride in.

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