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Fortnite org One Percent reveals insane multi-million dollar team house

Published: 6/Jul/2020 12:44

by Jacob Hale


New Fortnite organization One Percent, founded by ex-Luminosity Gaming content creators, have revealed their insane multi-million dollar team house, including a wine cellar, huge swimming pool, and incredible retro games machines.

After parting ways with Luminosity Gaming at the tail end of June 2020, Nicks, Kiwiz, Randumb, and Formula joined forces with Aeolus and Razz to create One Percent, a group of content creators looking to build something new to rival some of the top teams in the world.

Now, they’ve revealed their insane new multi-million dollar mansion from which they’re going to create content – and it is genuinely mind-blowing.

one percent members
Instagram: onepercentteam
The One Percent team have started off their team with a bang.

Opening the video by saying that they’ve purchased the house out of their own pockets with no sponsor needed, Formula and co. stand in front of a huge mansion complete with supercars parked comfortably outside.

When they head indoors, though, it gets even better. There’s a huge 100+-bottle display cabinet filled with wine bottles, and a grand piano once owned by Frank Sinatra tucked in a snug corner of the living room, which feels more like something you would find in Leonardo DiCaprio’s home, not with a group of gamers.

One of the most insane parts of the house, though, has to be the backyard, which features a hot tub, a huge seating area, and an even bigger swimming pool complete with lighting and fountains.

There’s also a fun “gaming room,” which has air hockey and foosball tables as well as a Kobe Bryant pinball machine that is allegedly worth “a lot of money.”

There’s also a theater room, a gym that appears to be a work-in-progress, and a rooftop balcony for some nice golf course views.

Is the house a bit excessive just to play Fortnite out of? Probably, but there are very few people that would say no to catching Victory Royales in this ridiculously impressive mansion.


Jake Paul and Ben Askren exchange heated texts ahead of fight

Published: 25/Feb/2021 4:08 Updated: 25/Feb/2021 4:29

by Andrew Amos


YouTuber Jake Paul and former UFC star Ben Askren are set to take to the boxing ring on April 17, but they’re already in a war of words ahead of the bout.

It’s no Conor McGregor, but Jake Paul is going big for his next boxing bout.

After taking down Nate Robinson with relative ease, the YouTube star turned hopeful boxer will take to the ring against Ben Askren on April 17.

However, in the lead up to the fight, the two have already thrown punches over text.

Ben Askren leaked DMs between the two on February 24, claiming “this next generation has some really bad role models.”


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A post shared by Ben Askren (@benaskren)

“Hey Jake seriously were you even trying against Ben [Darmstadt]? That was pathetic. Hope you try a little bit harder in our fight,” the former UFC fighter opened with in the exchange.

“Hiya bubba! So good to hear from you! I know Masvidal gave you brain damage so I’m guessing you meant to ask if I was even trying against Nate,” Paul replied.

“We’re going to get you through this fight nice and fast so you can retire after.”

Askren clarified that he was talking about Ben Darmstadt, before Jake Paul went on a tangent, asking his opponents if he’s ever taken drugs, saying he needs “help taking his edge off.”


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While Askren ignored most of Paul’s questions, he had the final jab ahead of the bout.

“You gave up here like you’re going to give up in our fight. You don’t have the heart. Please don’t back out of our fight.”

Jake Paul vs Ben Askren is locked in for April 17, and is set to be one of the biggest PPV fights in history.