Forsen Suggests That Dr DisRespect is a Hypocrite for Getting Upset About the ‘Transparency’ Emotes

Mike Kent

The drama surrounding the ‘transparency’ emotes used by various streamers to poke fun at Dr DisRespect caught one of the people behind it by surprise.

Guy Beahm, aka Dr DisRespect, is one of the biggest names on the Twitch streaming platform and rose to fame throughout 2016 and 2017, before announcing he had been unfaithful to his wife during a short but emotional broadcast.

Returning in February 2018, he briefly broke the record for the most concurrent viewers for an individual’s streamed channel, when 383,000 tuned in for his comeback.

Despite admitting to his infidelity in such a public light, the Doc has refused to comment on it since and consistently acts strange when people in his chat bring it up, or other streamers mock him.

This situation reached boiling point when the Doc went on a rant about an emote used by popular Swedish personality, Forsen, who poked fun at the ‘transparency’ element of the infidelity.

On May 3rd the emote was eventually removed by Twitch for what is believed to be a breach of their terms of service, which forbids streamers from targeting or harassing other content creators.

This move surprised Forsen, who spoke about the subject on stream, claiming he was surprised the Doc was even bothered about it considering his persona to trash talk others.

“I was a bit surprised he got that upset over the pixels, when he’s known for trash talking 90% of the big streamers on this platform. That was his thing, calling Summit big head, and whatever he called the other big battle royale streamers. So I’m a little surprised.”

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