Former TikTok employee goes viral for stealing ‘company assets’ on her final day

simonacruzerInstagram: simonacruzer

A former TikTok employee has gone viral for making a TikTok video on her final day at the company. In the clip, she goes around and explores the TikTok office in New York one last time before stealing some “company assets” for herself.

Former TikTok employee Simona went viral after she shared her last day at the company via a TikTok video. On her last day at the social media giant, she spent the time roaming around the halls of the office, exploring and highlighting the various cool areas. Alongside this, Simona took her own liberties in grabbing various “company assets” to keep.

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The TikTok video follows a similar trend of employees making videos trailing them as they go about their day in their office. However, Simona’s video came with a bit of a twist for viewers. Instead of labeling the video as “come with me to work a day at X company”, Simona explicitly states she wants the user to come with her to “steal company assets from TikTok”.

In the video, Simona heads around various areas of the office, pointing out cool locations such as the vibrantly lit hallways, the “irreplaceable bathrooms” and the fantastic views that the office offered. Alongside this, she made sure to note and sarcastically joke by originally stating “we” whilst moving throughout the office, only to state “oops, not a we anymore”.

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Simona was sure to not leave the TikTok office empty-handed, however, making sure she stole some “company assets” along the way. These company assets were revealed to be various snacks that TikTok offered to their employees. She also made sure to keep her company lanyard with her, despite needing to hand it in with her TikTok ID and laptop.

The TikTok has since gone viral, gathering a massive 1.7 million views, with over 170,000 likes on the post at the time of writing. Some TikTok users in the replies were also eager to reprimand the company for laying off employees, whilst others complimented Simona’s satirical handling of the situation. One user pointed out how incredibly meta it was for Simona to post a TikTok about stealing from TikTok as a former TikTok employee.

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Simona has gone on in a further TikTok to explain that the whole “stealing” was a joke, however, stating that “she only stole $10 worth of snacks” and that the whole thing was meant to be satirical.