Former CS:GO pro DaZeD admits to “smacking” a woman, live on Twitch dating show


Former Counter-Strike pro Sam ‘DaZeD Marine shocked viewers of Raji Patel’s Twitch show King Of The Hill when he told a story about him “smacking the shit” out of a woman.

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King of the Hill is a popular Twitch ‘dating’ show, where four female streamers are invited to judge various male candidates, and pick who should take the spot as ‘king of the hill’.

In an attempt to convince the girls that they are the right pick, the men will often talk about themselves, their careers and past relationships, but DaZeD’s sex story went too far most of the women on the show.

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DaZeD explained that a woman once bit his finger during intercourse, and, in response, he “smacked the shit out of her”, partly because he was “way too drunk.”

Three of the women were shocked, as was host Rajj Patel, who seemed to be concerned that the story was too much information to share in front of thousands of viewers. However, one of the streamers, Kandy, could be heard saying: “I promise you she was happy about that.”

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DaZeD left the stream after not being picked by any of the women, but later, on his own channel, he addressed the controversial story, which had garnered attention on popular sub reddit ‘LivestreamFail‘.

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On his own stream, the former CS:GO and CS: Source player explained that he was surprised by the girls’ reaction. “Every time I [tell this story] to a girl in a bar, they’re always like ‘that’s so hot’, and they just want to fuck me.”

The original clip, and entire VOD from the King of the Hill show, has been removed from Twitch.

The show has had previous controversies, often caused by contestants sharing too much information, including one streamer admitting to killing a dog.