Floyd Mayweather slams Logan Paul’s boxing skills ahead of Don Moore bout

Mayweather slams logan paul boxing skills ahead of don moore boutAmanda Westcott for SHOWTIME

Boxing champ Floyd Mayweather is taking shots at YouTube star Logan Paul, comparing him to his own upcoming opponent, former pro boxer Don Moore.

Logan Paul shook up the influencer boxing space in a huge way last summer when he announced he would be stepping onto the canvas with undefeated champ Floyd Mayweather.

Their exhibition match was certainly one for the history books — although many criticized Paul’s performance in the ring, with theories abounding that the YouTuber had actually been knocked out and held up by Mayweather during a clinch.

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It seems that Mayweather wasn’t too jazzed about his opponent’s boxing skills, either, as he claims that unlike Don Moore, Paul didn’t come to fight — but instead, to merely make it through all 8 rounds.

Logan Paul floyd Mayweather ratAmanda Westcott/SHOWTIME
Logan Paul notably squared off with Floyd Mayweather in June 2021.

Mayweather hits out at Logan Paul’s boxing performance

“Don will come to fight,” Mayweather said in a press conference ahead of their May 14 bout in Dubai. “It’s a little different. Don is going to come to fight, and may the best man win.”

“Whereas at the Hard Rock Stadium, Logan Paul talked a good game but didn’t come to fight. He came to hold. So he’s coming to fight, I’m coming to fight. Eight rounds, from start to finish. It’s going to be explosive.”

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Floyd Mayweather vs Logan PaulAmanda Westcott for SHOWTIME
Many criticized Paul’s performance in the boxing ring – and it looks like Mayweather is joining in on the criticism.

Paul has yet to respond to Mayweather’s claims at the time of writing, but if their past interactions are any indication, he’s likely to continue asking the boxing legend for his payment from their viral 2021 exhibition.

Paul says that he still has yet to see the cheddar from that particular bout — but he’s not letting that stop him from other exploits. Most recently, Paul underwent a stint in the WWE, even saying he’s open to a full-time career in pro wrestling if boxing doesn’t work out.

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