SNL TikTok skit perfectly recreates FYP again and fans love it

SNL skit of TikTok For You PageYouTube: Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live has recreated the iconic TikTok For You Page in a new skit, and fans are loving the perfect take on the popular social media app.

Within the past few years, TikTok has become one of the most used social media apps out there, with millions of daily users uploading and interacting with content, and new accounts being made every day.

The majority of the time, people choose to view content on the app through its algorithm-based For You Page, or FYP, which aims to show users the content that they most want to see.

In December 2021, SNL recreated the TikTok FYP in skit with singer Billie Eilish, which garnered over six million views on YouTube. It was such a big success that in April 2022 they decided to do the sketch again, this time starring Lizzo, and fans are already loving it.

The actors recreated everything from bizarre POVs, pranks, song covers, and some were so convincing that they could have been pulled straight from the app.

They even recreated the viral TikTok sound of Miranda Cosgrove on the Good For You Podcast saying “I actually do cuss a little,” which went hugely viral on the app in March.

Lizzo played the role of Cosgrove in that particular section, and she even danced to a version of the viral remix that Miranda danced to on TikTok later on in the skit, much to fans’ delight.

Miranda Cosgrove next to the TikTok logoTikTok: amandacerny
Miranda Cosgrove went super viral for her “I actually do cuss a little” sound.

Many viewers loved the sketch, and couldn’t believe how accurate it was to the actual experience of scrolling through your For You Page.

“These sketches so accurately capture what it’s like scrolling TikTok and it makes me laugh so hard,” one YouTube comment with over 2000 likes read.

“SNL is killing it with these TikToks,” another commenter said, with someone else saying: “The overwhelming accuracy of how chaotic that app is is my favorite.”

This isn’t the first time that SNL has parodied huge moments on the internet. In March they did a skit about a group of influencers’ meeting with The White House, and back in 2021 they parodied the David Dobrik controversy.