Father outraged after catching museum employee following his family around

Virginia Glaze
father-goes-viral-museum-employee-follows-family-1TikTok: Jandkids

A father is going viral on TikTok after catching a museum employee following his family around, giving the worker a stern talking-to that viewers couldn’t get enough of.

There are times when TikTok videos rally people together toward a certain cause. Examples of this can be found when a woman went viral for recording her neighbor destroying her property, prompting users to send their well-wishes and legal advice in droves.

Now, another viral video has brought netizens together after a father had enough of a museum employee following his family around as he viewed artwork together with his children.

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Father and TikTok user ‘JandKids’ was perusing Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art when he noticed an employee standing off in the corner, seemingly keeping an eye on him and his kids.

Father goes viral berating museum employee following his family around

At first, the employee had asked the dad to make sure his children weren’t “jumping around and being too energetic near the paintings” as they viewed some of the artwork.

J confirmed with the employee that he would make sure to do just that… but the worker continued to follow them even as they walked into another room, which apparently showcased ancient tombs.

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This set the father off, who got out his phone to record the situation and called out the worker for his behavior.

“Are you about to follow us the whole time, man?” J asked. “If you’re gonna follow me the whole time, then give us a god damn tour! I know how to control my kids. You asked me to make sure they don’t run, I’m not gonna do that.”

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The employee crossed his arms and sighed, seemingly refusing to make eye contact with the dad. “You can roll your eyes all you want,” J told him. “You look like a little girl, man. Tighten up!”

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Viewers flooded the comments section in support of J, with many pointing out how the employee was “peeking behind the pillar” watching them.

“They way you caught him hiding around that corner,” one viewer wrote.

“Omg the way he was creeping behind those pillars,” yet another said. “I hope you got a refund. Sorry this happened to you!”

“You stepped in like that man’s father and taught him a lesson,” yet another wrote.

This is just the latest incident to go viral on TikTok after a woman took out her revenge on the company that laid her off in an epic way.

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