Woman sparks debate after doing viral TikTok challenge in father’s hospital room

Molly Byrne
ceiling challenge

Viewers have sparked a debate after a woman and her loved ones partook in a viral TikTok challenge while in her father’s hospital room.

TikTok’s “ceiling challenge” has users tapping their phones to the ceiling while dancing to the song “Surround Sound” by JID, 21 Savage, and Baby Tate.

In some viral videos, people partake alone, while others have friends and family members join in.

And though it’s meant to be done in good fun, one woman has sparked a debate about doing the challenge while in her father’s hospital room.

TikToker calls it ‘sickening’ to dance around your father while he’s in a hospital bed

TikToker Alexandra Lourdes has gone viral for doing the ceiling challenge with her father lying in a hospital bed.

Though her loved ones and a nurse joined in, viewers have sparked a debate about the appropriateness of her decision.

Sure, Lourdes may have thought it was funny, as she covered her mouth while holding back laughter — but some viewers were worried that the phone could have fallen on her father since he was fairly immobile in the bed that she and her friends danced around.

Lourdes also let viewers know why she was doing the ceiling challenge, adding a text overlay to her TikTok video saying, “Our Thanksgiving didn’t go exactly as planned… but we made the best of it.”

She then added the caption, “As long as we’re together, that’s all that matters. At least we made my dad laugh.”

Those who have seen the video and were not in favor of the idea commented saying, “Nah, that’s mean. He’s sick, you shouldn’t be doing that in my opinion but I hope he feels better.”

And, “I don’t know, man — videotaping a sick and dying family member just doesn’t sit right.”

However, Lourdes reassured viewers that her father was only in the hospital for an “infection,” hinting that he would soon be out.

Though some people didn’t take well to the video, others wished Lourdes’ father well, saying, “Wishing you a speedy recovery.” And, “So happy you guys got to spend it together.”

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