Fans are nervous after the Love Is Blind Season 4 finale teaser

Tiffany and Brett from Love Is BlindYouTube: Netflix, Love Is Blind

Fans are on the edge of their seats waiting for the next episode of Love Is Blind Season 4.

Season 4 of Love Is Blind is coming to a close with 12 exciting episodes, full of love triangles and mean girls.

The finale of the season is set to premiere this Friday on Netflix. It is in this episode that the four remaining engaged couples walk down the aisle and say whether they do or they don’t.

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The four remaining couples are: Chelsea and Kwame, Micah and Paul, Zack and Bliss, and Brett and Tiffany.

To celebrate, the streaming service just released a teaser trailer for the final episode, which already has fans talking.

In the teaser, it shows Tiffany tearing up before the wedding, Bliss admitting that it is weird to be engaged to someone who was just engaged to someone else, and Micah asking Paul to answer the ‘I do’ question first at the altar.

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The clip also shows Marshall making an appearance, which is surprising given his dramatic breakup with Jackie.

What are fans saying about the Love Is Blind Season 4 finale?

Fans are taking to Twitter to share their last-minute predictions of how the wedding ceremonies are going to go for each couple. Most viewers believe that two couples will say ‘I do’ and two won’t.

Others are worried that Tiffany may call off her wedding with Brett after seeing her cry in the teaser. The couple has been the fan-favorite of the season.

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Two days after the finale is the potentially messy reunion, where we will see if the couples who decided not to marry in the finale will continue their relationship any further or just call it quits.

To stay updated on all things Love Is Blind and get a recap of the finale, make sure to check our page here.

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