Love Is Blind fans are prepared and hoping for a ‘messy’ reunion

Kwame, Brett, and Irina from Love is BlindYouTube: Netflix, Love Is Blind

This season of Love Is Blind has brought all of the drama and the Season 4 reunion is expected to be juicer than ever.

With 30 contestants who were looking for love, only 6 couples got engaged and only 5 are making it to the finale, which airs on April 14th.

While this entire season has been interesting, fans have their eyes glued to the drama surrounding contestant Irina Solomonova.

Irina and Zack Goytowski got engaged in the first few episodes of the season, but they ultimately decided to call it off. Zack later got engaged to Bliss Poureetezadi. This sparked the messiest love triangle of the season.

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Irina quickly became labeled as one the ‘mean girls’ of the season based on how she treated the others, alongside Micah Lussier. Warning: Contains spoilers for episodes 1-8 of Love Is Blind Season 4.

Love Is Blind reunion has all eyes on Irina

Recently, Irina posted a public apology to her cast members on her Instagram. She even stated that she privately apologized to everyone she may have emotionally hurt.

Zack and Bliss have not publicly responded to her video, nor have any other Love Is Blind cast members. The video currently has 700K+ views.

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The trailer of the reunion, which is expected to air on April 16, did not feature Irina, so fans are on the edge of their seats to see is she will make an appearance and how the cast will react.

One fan wrote, “on thé one hand im excited about the potential messiness of a live reunion. On the other hand, neither Vanessa nor Nick have come off as particularly “quick” and able to pivot and explore responses.”

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Also, the trailer revealed that this will be the first-ever live reunion in Love Is Blind history. This means that any tea that is spilled, whether expected or not, will all be caught on camera.

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