Ex-Twitter employee celebrates last day at the company with hilarious cake

Brad Norton
Twitter cake

A former Twitter employee marked their resignation in a creative way with a “sweet joke” by poking fun at recent ‘rate limit’ struggles on the platform.

It’s been a turbulent time for Twitter in recent months, to say the least. From a transition at the very top as owner Elon Musk steps down and new CEO Linda Yaccarino takes over, to a frequent series of platform-wide changes impacting daily users, there’s been plenty to keep on top of.

Perhaps one of the biggest talking points over the past few weeks came at the start of July when Musk himself outlined plans to tackle “data scraping and system manipulation.” The platform’s solution? To temporarily limit the number of posts any given account could see in a day.

Naturally, for millions of users scrolling the social media platform, an error message soon appeared, one warning they had reached their cap. “Rate limit exceeded,” it read, quickly becoming a meme in its own right across social media.

Looping back to the platform’s recent decision, now ex-Twitter Brand Strategist Chelsey Leader Brooks marked her final day with the company by having some fun with the rate limit meme herself.

“When you don’t know how to say goodbye, use cake,” Chelsey shared to her personal Twitter account on June 10 before the tweet soon went viral to give her a fitting sendoff.

The cake itself featured the Twitter logo up top with a brief example of a timeline below, one that had hit its daily allowance. Employees all dug in and enjoyed a cake poking fun at the platform’s recent limitations, and while it could be seen as a critical departure, she soon followed up to assure it all ended on good terms.

“I peacefully resigned with gratitude,” Chelsey explained in the replies. “The cake is a fun little joke. I resigned, humbly, with another opportunity ahead. Not every ending is a bitter dramatic one. The cake was a sweet joke for my amazing friends and former coworkers. Lighten up.”

Most recently, Twitter has been embroiled in legal drama as the platform’s owners look to sue Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta and its brand-new rival in Threads.

Having exceeded over 100 million sign-ups in its first week alone, Threads is quickly proving itself a worthy competitor in the ongoing social media platform war. In fact, Chelsey herself is already on Threads now as well.

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