Ex Fortnite pro Chap accuses Twitch of taking money from him and disabling ads on channel

chap accuses twitch of taking his moneyChap/Twitch

Retired Fortnite pro Ryan ‘Chap’ Chaplo is accusing Twitch of taking a large sum of money from him and disabling ads on his channel after being flagged for “fraud,” but he has no idea why.

Chap has been retired from Fortnite for quite some time, but was seeing some nice success on Twitch by streaming The Cycle Frontier. He was getting viewership on par with his Fortnite days, but that all came to a vicious end.

On November 14, the streamer revealed that he was making the most money he ever had in his life when suddenly, his payment method wasn’t working for Twitch.

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After speaking with his partner manager, Chap learned his account had been flagged for “fraud” and Twitch needed to investigate the situation.

“I just assumed that someone had donated subs or bits with a stolen credit card, but apparently that is not what they meant,” the streamer explained.

Twitch accused of taking money from streamer

Chap was then informed that Twitch was terminating his participation in the Ads Program and claims the Amazon-owned company took a “large” portion of his pending balance.

To make matters worse, Chap says Twitch refused to explain what he had done, making it impossible to even appeal, writing that he still has no idea what he’s been accused of.

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“This is absolutely ridiculous to do to anyone, especially someone who has streamed on your website for 4 years with ZERO issues, bans, or ANYTHING. The only thing I am able to do is to make the assumption that Twitch is claiming that I view botted my channel during drops to make more money off of ads,” he blasted.

Chap discordDiscord/Chap
Chap has no idea what he did wrong on Twitch.

In a series of Discord screenshots, Chap shared a conversation he had with his Twitch partner manager, and even they don’t seem to know what the streamer was accused of doing.

Explaining why he went public, Chap said he felt “betrayed” by Twitch and doesn’t want others to be in his position.

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chap discord screenshotsDiscord/Chap
Chap is sharing his story in an attempt to help other streamers.

“I feel helpless and I am not sure what to do other than to go public with this and try to make it so this never happens to anyone ever again,” the streamer said.

It’s not clear yet if going public will help the situation, but hopefully the streamer and Twitch can finally get to the bottom of exactly what’s going on with his account.