Ex-Amish TikToker says US emergency alert caused several Amish to get “shunned”

Dylan Horetski
TiKToker YoderToterTikTok: YoderToter40/Unsplash: @randyfath

An ex-Amish man on TikTok has shared that a few current members of the Amish were “shunned” after the US Emergency Alert went off on phones they had smuggled into the community.

In most, if not all, Amish communities across the United States, its members cannot have modern technology like cars, computers, and cell phones.

But what happens if you smuggle in a cell phone, and the US decides to send a nation-wide emergency alert test without the ability to find out about it ahead of time?

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TikToker and ex-Amish church member Eli Yoder revealed on October 4, 2023, that the nationwide test that same day lead to several members of the community getting “shunned.”

Amish members shunned after US emergency alert test

He said: “Several Amish men got shunned by the Amish Church for having smart phones in their pocket when the emergency alert system went off.”

Eli went on to explain that the day of the EAS test in the US, three of them replied to Eli stating that they would have to lay low for a while due to getting caught with the device.

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“One guy said the elders were coming in his driveway and they were there to speak with him about something they heard about him, that he might have to get shunned. Right as that was going on, the alert went off and it was in his pocket,” Yoder explained.

The ex-Amish man added: “Now he’s getting shunned for both. Whatever they were after to shun him and also the cell phone.”

Getting shunned can vary from each Amish sect, but Amishbaskets says that getting shunned “involves a painful separation of a person from their community.”

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The person, after getting shunned, can no longer eat or take rides with the other community members.

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