Etika honored at Super Smash Con with touching tribute

Michael Gwilliam

On Saturday, August 10,  Super Smash Con, paid tribute to YouTube sensation Daniel Desmond ‘Etika’ Amofah who passed away earlier in 2019. 

The tribute happened during the Smashies Award Show, where members within the Smash community are honored with Etika’s reactions being singled out.

“We definitely did our best to try to help each other… help elevate each other and that’s what I loved most about Etika,” D’Ron ‘D1’ Maingrette said during a video package intertwined with numerous clips of Etika’s reactions to Smash-related events. (Timestamp 1:52 for mobile users)

Austin ‘Austy’ Nolte echoed D1’s statements saying “he was just so uplifting. He always wanted to elevate you… There’s so many people that would, commentators alone, I can list five off the top of my head that have been heavily influenced by Etika. And would not be progressing towards where we are today without his guidance.” 

“Whenever he signs off on his broadcasts… whenever he tells people to ‘have a damn good one’, I think that’s basically the spirit of Etika right there. Always wanting other people to have a good time,” D1 continued. 

The tribute video ended with a touching In Memoriam photo with D1 and Austy taking the stage to make some comments about their late friend.

“The dude was just so much happiness around this man,” Austy said after a brief discussion about mental health and stigmas behind it. “If you were just around him, it was just so infectious. You couldn’t help but smile when you were around him and for that we’ll all severely miss him.” (Timestamp 6:40 for mobile users)

Instagram/EtikaEtika was a popular YouTube personality with a love for Nintendo.

Eventually, a very emotional D1 took the stage and presented some poetry in honor of his friend. “I solemnly swear to offer this prayer in the name of our long lost frère… frère is French for brother,” D1 explained. “I just wanted to rhyme.” 

“But is no longer here. He had amazing hair, beyond compare His enthusiasm for anything was worth a share. Far from a square, with public speaking he had a flair. With one glance, easily the personification of debonair. Fully capable of being a millionaire, but life is unfair. Now that we’re all here, let’s put a fist in the air,” the rhyme went on, concluding with a teary-eyed D1 asked that those in the audience say “Joycon Boys” in unison. 

The tribute itself was very touching and emotional for those close to the popular content creator. D1 would later admit on Twitter that, “I was in shambles on stage, dried up tears on my face and everything.” 

“It was an honor to accept the award in your name.”

Etika went missing on June 19 where it was suspected he jumped from the Manhattan Bridge. He had a history of mental health issues and had posted suicidal messages to social media.

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