Super Smash Con final results and placements

Super Smash Con / Nintendo

Super Smash Con runs August 8-11 and features some of the biggest players in the scene. Keep up to date with all the results right here.

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This event features tournaments from every Smash game released from 64 all the way to the latest release of Ultimate and you’re able to watch them all directly from home.

In fact, the only Smash title missing from the tournament is the 3DS version, which is just the Wii U version, so whatever game you’re a fan of, it’s represented here.

NintendoSmash has grown to become one of the most popular fighting games.
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Each game features both a Singles and Doubles event so there’s plenty of Smash Bros. action to go around.

The results of the event are already coming in so stay up to date right here as the event continues through the weekend.

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August 8 Placements

The two events that took place on August 8 were Brawl and Wii U Doubles. Here’s how that played out.

Wii U Doubles

1. BestNess (Ness) & NVR|Elegant (Luigi)2. FOX|MKLeo (Cloud, Marth) & Javi (Sheik, Cloud)3. MVG|Dark Wizzy (Mario) & Tamim (Bayonetta)4. Sam (Zero Suit Samus) & IcyMist (Samus)5. Juice (Zero Suit Samus) & Beast (Fox)5. Etsuji (Diddy Kong) & T1|ANTi (Cloud, Mario)7. BarkingFrog (Rosalina & Luma) & Ventra! (Bayonetta)7. Karna (Sheik) & Tyroy (Bayonetta)

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Brawl Doubles

1. ADHD (Diddy Kong) & T1|ANTi (Meta Knight)2. Salem (Zero Suit Samus) & Chia (R.O.B.)3. Pathoran (Snake) & SeagullJoe (Wolf)4. 686M (Meta Knight) & Azeal (Falco)5. Luigisama (Luigi) & Figy (R.O.B.)5. Pelca (Falco) & Poyo (Meta Knight)7. Gunnermaniac (Pikachu) & KVLT (Wolf)7. Suinoko (Diddy Kong) & Cookieslayer (Toon Link)

Dragon Quest’s Hero is the latest addition to the roster.
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August 9 placements

Friday features the Melee Doubles and Ultimate Doubles Finals

4 PM PST – Melee Doubles

1. SFAT (Fox) & PewPewU (Marth)2. Plup (Fox) & Mew2King (Sheik)3. Hungrybox (Jigglypuff) & ChuDat (Ice Climbers)4. Axe (Pikachu) & aMSa (Yoshi)5. Zain (Marth) & MilkMan (Fox)5. DJ Nintendo (Fox) & G$ (Falco)7. Bob-omb (Fox) & SypherPheonix (Fox)7. iBDW (Fox) & dizzkidboogie (Ice Climbers)

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4 PM PST – Ultimate Doubles

1. Marss (Zero Suit Samus) & Light (Fox)2. MkLeo (Joker & Wolf) & Javi (Lucina)3. BestNess (Ness) & Lui$ (Fox & Mario)4. ESAM (Pikachu) & MVD (Snake)5. Puppeh (Pokemon Trainer) & zackray (Pokemon Trainer)5. Tweek (Pokemon Trainer) & Samsora (Daisy)7. Wrath (Sonic & Joker) & Salt One (Roy)7. Salem (Hero, Lucina, & Shulk) & Dark Wizzy (Mario)

Brawl still has a strong community going.
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August 10 placements

Saturday has the Wii U Singles, 64 Singles, Brawl Singles, and 64 Doubles Finals.

9 AM PST – Wii U Singles

1. Dabuz (Rosalina & Luma)2. Tyroy (Bayonetta)3. MVD (Diddy Kong)4. tamim (Bayonetta & Zero Suit Samus)5. Sells (Mii Brawler)5. Ralphie (Cloud & Fox)7. Captain L (Pikachu)7. Elegant (Luigi)

12 PM PST – Brawl Singles

1. ANTi (Meta Knight)2. Nairo (Meta Knight)3. ADHD (Diddy Kong)4. 686M (Meta Knight & Ice Climbers)5. Vex Kasrani (King Dedede)5. Etsuji (Meta Knight)7. Poyo (Meta Knight)7. Dabuz (Olimar)

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1 PM PST – 64 Doubles

1. tacos (Kirby) & Alvin (Pikachu)2. kysk (Pikachu) & Kurabba (Yoshi)3. Loww (Pikachu) & Shalaka (Pikachu)4. Josh Brody (Pikachu) & Darkhorse (Kirby & Captain Falcon)5. meipon (Samus) & maha (Pikachu)5. Mercy (Fox) & Loto (Captain Falcon)7. wario (Pikachu) & Prince (Yoshi)7. fidelcastro22 (Kirby) & KD3 (Captain Falcon)

3 PM PST – 64 Singles

1. kysk (Kirby, Captain Falcon & Donkey Kong)2. wario (Pikachu)3. Wizzrobe (Yoshi)4. Kurabba (Yoshi)5. SuPeRbOoMfAn (Captain Falcon, Pikachu & Kirby)5. KeroKeroppi (Pikachu)7. Josh Brody (Pikachu)7. Alvin (Captain Falcon & Pikachu)

August 11 placements

Super Smash Con concludes on Sunday with the Melee Singles and Ultimate Singles finals.

12 PM PST – Melee Singles

1. Leffen (Fox)2. Hungrybox (Jiggly Puff)3. Zain (Marth)4. lloD (Peach)5. n0ne (Captain Falcon & Ganondorf)5. aMSa (Yoshi)7. S2J (Captain Falcon)7. iBDW (Fox)

4 PM PST – Ultimate Singles

1. MKLeo (Joker)2. Samsora (Peach)3. Tweek (Pokemon Trainer)4. Marss (Zero Suit Samus, Captain Falcon)5. Maister (Mr. Game & Watch)5. Nairo (Palutena, Zero Suit Samus & Joker)7. Luis$ (Fox, Mario, & Falco) 7. Light (Fox)

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