Hasan confirmed as H3 Podcast’s new “Leftovers” co-host with Ethan Klein

Brent Koepp
Leftovers Podcast with Hasan Piker and Ethan Klein H3H3Twitter: @h3h3productions

Twitch star Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker has joined H3H3’s Ethan Klein for a new political podcast called “Leftovers.” The YouTuber surprised viewers after revealing the YoungTurks streamer as his co-host.

Following the end of Frenemies in June 2021, Ethan Klein finally debuted his new podcast, Leftovers. The H3H3 creator surprised viewers after announcing Twitch streamer Hasan Piker as his co-host for the program.

In the series’ first episode on September 26, the YouTuber revealed that the show would focus on politics and current social issues. The duo promised viewers they would not shy away from taking on hot button issues.

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H3H3’s Ethan Klein revealed Hasan Piker as his new co-host.

Ethan Klein launches new political show with Hasan Piker

H3H3’s Ethan Klein surprised fans with a new show co-created by Twitch star Hasan Piker. The YouTuber explained the series’ name to viewers stating, “The reason it’s called Leftovers is because we are lefties and nobody likes politics so it’s like the leftover content.”

The popular comedian also opened up about about why he selected Piker for the project. “I love politics. What I appreciate so much about Hasan, and why I’m so happy to make a show with him is because he made [politics] popular and cool. And I love and respect so much of what he’s done. I feel so blessed.”

Hasan addressed the show’s creation and said “Hopefully the fans feel the same way” before joking about H3 losing fans to fellow podcaster Joe Rogan over their political stances. “They’re all watching Joe Rogan in the hospital.”

The podcast’s fiery debut episode spared few, taking on figures such as Tucker Carlson, Bill Gates, and even former President Donald Trump. Piker and Klein used the first upload to call out “grifters” trying to spread misinformation about vaccines.

The H3 podcast creator acknowledged that some fans would hate the new politically driven show. “Listen, I’ve had enough of you guys complaining that you don’t want me to talk about politics. So I went and made a whole show about it. The spirit of this show is not serious policy debate, it’s bringing righteous justice to these sh*t bags and clowning on idiots!” the YouTuber exclaimed.

This isn’t the first time that Ethan Klein and Hasan Piker have teamed up. The content creators went viral after debating streamers Adin Ross and Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel about gambling streams on Twitch in July. According to the former YoungTurks personality, the two had “vibed” over it and knew they would make a show together eventually.