Ethan Klein calls out “coward” Jeff Wittek for threatening Trisha Paytas

Ethan Klein Jeff Wittek CowardYoutube: Jeff Wittek / H3H3 Productions

Ethan Klein has called out Jeff Wittek for “threatening” Trisha Paytas and gloating about “exterminating” them in the form of new merch that refers to him as the “rat exterminator”.

Despite having a fallout that resulted in Trisha Paytas leaving the ‘Frenemies’ podcast with H3H3’s Ethan Klein, it seems like he’s still got their back after rushing to their defense over a recent feud with Jeff Wittek.

It all started when Trisha called him “dumb” for taking part in the activities that lead to his eye injury without medical professionals on-site.

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Jeff wasn’t thrilled about the comments, claiming they “crossed the line” and saying that poking away at his injury was “going to end really bad for everyone.”

And when Trisha said they felt threatened by his comments, he said, “nobody cares, you little rat.”

Trisha Patyas jeff wittek text messagesYouTube: blndsundoll4mj, Jeff Wittek
Jeff wasn’t happy with Trisha’s comments about his eye injury.

Now, in the latest development of the saga, Jeff posted a video of him showing off new merchandise that referred to him as a “rat exterminator”, which many believe is a clear reference to the comments he made about Trisha, including Ethan.

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“Jeff, you are such a giant p*ssy,” said Ethan. “You have not exterminated anything but your own f**king career. And by the way, you are such a coward. You won’t do sh*t.”

Then, to emphasize his point, he brought up a time where Jeff allegedly “ran away” from Trisha when they crossed paths in Starbucks. “You’re a f**king p*ssy, dude. Shut up and stop trying to act tough,” he added.

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“You’re not exterminating sh*t. Who are you exterminating? The one guy that actually wronged you, you went running back to him like a puppy dog because you needed the clout, you f**king p*ssy… Who’s a rat? You’re in a f**king rat’s nest right now. Shut the f**k up.”

The relevant part of the video starts at 2:13:13.

Ethan didn’t hold back in his furious rant. “I’m sorry, but this p*ssed me off,” he said. “Too harsh? I don’t know. I thought this was so tasteless.

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“It’s one thing to joust, but to be like, ‘I’m a f**king rat exterminator, and I’m going to exterminate the rats — especially coming from the guy who ditched his own food at Starbucks because he saw Trisha. Sounds like a real rat exterminator to me.”

Trisha and Jeff are yet to comment on the situation.