Ethan Klein blasts FaZe Banks over alleged crypto scam: ‘You’re stealing from fans’

Jacob Hale
YouTube: Banks, H3H3

FaZe Clan became embroiled in a huge cryptocurrency controversy throughout July 2021, and it has raised a number of questions over co-owner FaZe Banks. Now, H3H3’s Ethan Klein has let his thoughts be known.

On July 1, FaZe Clan took action and removed Kay, as well as suspending Jarvis, Teeqo and Nikan regarding a ‘pump and dump’ crypto scam with an altcoin called Save The Kids.

Banks revealed that he took the decision to hand out the suspensions, but has since spent a lot of time batting away accusations levied against himself.

He’s remained insistent that he has never taken part in any ‘pump and dump’ or ‘rug pull’ crypto schemes, but many aren’t convinced — including Klein.

FaZe Kay save the kids altcoin
Save the Kids
Kay was in FaZe Clan for eight years before his removal.

Ethan Klein is never one to shy away from controversy and, even with the split of his Frenemies podcast with Trisha Paytas, still has a lot to say on the influencer culture surrounding him.

“I don’t think that’s going to hold up in court, kid,” Ethan said of a Banks tweet, in which he was giving away $10k and said that his promotion of the Banksocial coin was “not financial advice.”

He continued: “It’s easy to be successful when you’re just stealing money from your fans. I don’t know if I would call that success, though. I mean, I’m not worried about the FBI arresting me for fraud.”

The suspended or removed FaZe members have not yet responded, with legal implications of the incident still not entirely certain.

While Klein suggests that the FBI could end up involved with Banks and the other FaZe Clan members, it’s unclear what exactly is likely to happen.

Needless to say, Ethan isn’t impressed with what’s gone down, and is expecting to see more action taken before the controversy is over.