Ethan Klein banned on Twitter after mocking Elon Musk over verification fiasco

Connor Bennett
Ethan Klein next to Elon Musk smiling at camera

H3H3’s Ethan Klein has found himself banned from Twitter after impersonating Elon Musk following Musk’s rule change on parody posts.

Since Elon Musk finally completed his $44 billion purchase of Twitter at the end of October, the Tesla boss has been making some radical changes to the social media platform. 

The biggest of which has come in the form of changes to verified accounts. Previously verified users are set to lose their blue ticks unless they sign up for Twitter Blue for $8 a month. This also means new accounts can buy verification of their own if they also sign up for the premium plan

This has, naturally, caused some issues. Plenty of users have flagged the fact that you could simply buy Twitter Blue and start impersonating somebody else. While Musk claimed that accounts that were labeled parody would be fine, that’s not been the case for Ethan Klein. 

Ethan Klein suspended from Twitter for Elon Musk parody posts

Following Musk’s post about parody accounts being fine, the H3H3 star started impersonating the South African business magnate. 

The YouTube star made a number of posts about Ghislaine Maxwell and the “sacrifices” Musk had made to ensure “free speech” remained on Twitter by allowing racist and abusive posts. 

“Let it be known it says PARODY ACCOUNT in the info,” he tweeted. “Before it dies. Comedy lives forever.”

Though, he revealed via the H3 Podcast account that he’d been banned shortly after the impersonation posts. 

“Comedy is dead on Twitter and Elon Musk killed it,” the tweet said, taking a shot at Musk’s tweet about comedy being “legal” now he’d taken ownership of the platform. 

As of writing, Klein’s account still has the “account suspended” message on it when you try to visit it. 

The length of his suspension isn’t entirely clear, though the H3 Podcast account has retweeted claims about him being “permanently suspended.” So, we’ll have to see if that changes.

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