Erobb221 signs with TSM in shock announcement

Erobb221Instagram: Erobb221

TSM has just announced that they have signed popular Twitch streamer Erobb221 to the organization in a shock announcement on Twitter.

Over the last few years, TSM has continued to grow its lineup of content creators, with Twitch streamer QTCinderella joining forces with them in September 2021.

Now, In an announcement on October 17, 2022, TSM has revealed that they have joined forces with Erobb2011.

As the brother of Twitch star Tyler1, Erobb and TSM decided to throw fans for a bit of a loop.

TSM confuses fans with Erobb221 announcement video

As the video begins, it shows Tyler1 with a voiceover describing him.

“Isn’t he perfect? A six foot five alpha male freak of nature. Do you see that steel titan neck? Not to mention those huge, huge, biceps,” the voiceover said, right before Tyler turns around. “Who are you?”

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It then cuts to someone wearing another shirt, who we quickly learn is Erobb221, the latest content creator for the org.

Fans of the org replied to the tweet, expressing that they thought TSM had signed Tyler1, while dozens of others just express their love for the video.

“I almost thought yall signed Tyler1 foreal lmaooo. This was gold,” one said.

Another replied: “DUDE! I thought it really was gonna be T1 for a sec!!!!!!

Erobb is the smaller creator of the two, with just over 400k followers on Twitch compared to Tyler1’s five million. If his signing to TSM is any indication though, he’s doing just fine for himself.

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