Emiru reveals the “stressful” reason she won’t do IRL Twitch streams

Emiru reveals stressful reason she wont IRL streamYouTube: Emiru

Twitch streamer and cosplay star ‘Emiru’ revealed the reasons she won’t be broadcasting in public on her own channel anytime soon.

23-year-old Emily ‘Emiru’ Schunk saw an explosive rise to Twitch fame late last year.

In the span of a single month, Schunk skyrocketed from 2,000 viewers per stream to well over six times that amount in October 2021.

She now boasts over 740,000 Twitch followers due to her humorous streams and jaw-dropping cosplay skills, and has even signed with major streaming org One True King.

Emiru officially joins OTK after huge Twitch successOTK/ Emiru
Emiru joined streaming org One True King in January after a breakout year on Twitch.

Twitch fame does come with its caveats, though, as she brought up in a recent cosplay broadcast.

During her stream, a fan asked Emiru if she’d be open to doing any IRL streams — broadcasts where Twitch stars share their travels and daily lives in the real world.

Although she’s interested in the concept of IRL streams, it doesn’t look like she will be doing one anytime soon due to some scary experiences with stream snipers in her past.

Emiru stunnedTwitch: Emiru
Emiru is a renowned cosplayer, often streaming in her latest costumes.

Emiru’s fear of stream snipers keeps her from doing IRL streams

“I wish I could do IRL, but I’m too scared of stream snipers,” she admitted. “I have an extreme fear of stream snipers because of the stuff that was happening at my house in Kansas.”

“I’m gonna be honest, even before that arcade stream for my birthday and my announcement, I was having an anxiety attack,” she added. “I was like, ‘Oh my god, ‘oh my god!’ I was freaking out.”

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Emiru moved in with fellow Twitch streamer and OTK member Mizkif after allegedly dealing with a situation involving stalking.

Luckily, it seems that everything’s been coming up roses for Emiru now, with the star often collaborating with housemate Mizkif and the rest of the OTK crew.

Unfortunately, her Twitch stardom is often the target for some… strange instances, as seen in her hilarious stream going through her most “psychotic” unban requests.