Emily Zugay’s profile picture redesigned in viral TikTok video

Dylan Horetski
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TikTok: @EmilyZugay/@_ItsNate

After Emily Zugay left a comment on fellow TikToker _itsnate’s video, he took the chance to redesign her profile picture as she has done to many other brands. The best part? He’s colorblind. 

Emily Zugay first went viral back in September 2021, when she used her design skills to create “ugly” versions of big-brand logos. As her videos gained popularity, brands like McDonald’s, Tinder, and TikTok used her work on their official social media pages.

The Detroit Lions even made her design into merchandise that they sold in their team shop and hired her to help market it.

Now, Emily is getting a taste of logo redesign after an interaction with fellow TikToker ‘_itsnate’ led to him recreating her profile picture.

Instagram: Emily Zugay / Spotify
Emily Zugay also helped create an “ugly” redesign of the Spotify Wrapped genre labels.

_itsnate redesigns Emily Zugay’s profile picture

With almost six million followers, it’s not uncommon for Nate to have a video or two go viral. On December 12, Emily commented on her fellow TikToker’s video that has over 14 million views: “I hate it here.”

Her comment gave Nate the idea to do what she’s known for and create his own ‘ugly’ version of the profile picture she was using.

Uploaded on December 15, Nate explained his thought process: “I noticed your profile picture is a little outdated so I decided to make a new one for you myself. I don’t have Photoshop so I used the next best thing which is Snapchat.

“I first covered my thumb to make a solid colored background, then I drew a stick figure of you that I think accurately represents you. I even got the blonde hair, or at least I think it’s blonde because I’m colorblind.”

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He continued to explain the design some more: “I then proceeded to add the cowboy hat that you have in your profile picture because I think it adds personality. I also added your comment ‘I hate it here’ to the hat and it seals the deal. Some people call me an artist, I like to call myself an interpretive architect.”

Emily responded shortly after the video was posted, and said: “I don’t forgive you for your video but this is too beautiful to pass up on.”