Elon Musk’s viral doppelgänger fights fake Mark Zuckerberg ahead of the real thing

Christy Mathew
Elon musk doppleganger fighting Mark Zuckerberg box

Twitter CEO, Elon Musk’s doppelgänger has made the internet’s dream come true, as he faces off with an imposter Mark Zuckerberg, teasing audiences with a preview of Zuck vs Musk’s cage match.

The tension between Elon and Mark Zuckerberg has been heating up, the now-CEO of Twitter has sued Mark’s Threads for stealing data from Twitter, owing to similar features between the two.

Their fight started long back as they constantly call each other out in subtle or obvious ways on social media. The CEOs collaborated in September 2016 when Zuckerberg’s $200 million satellite exploded in a pre-launch incident, in one of Elon’s SpaceX rockets.

Mark tweeted and expressed his disappointment as he said, “SpaceX’s launch failure destroyed our satellite.” Ever since, Musk and Zuckerberg have taken jabs at each other, eventually leading to the cage match.

TikToker teases Zuck vs Musk cage fight

Comedian TikToker Yiling Ma has posted four clips on the platform of him facing off with a fake Mark with regards to the speculated cage match between the CEOs.

Yiling, Elon’s lookalike, was donning a pair of boxing gloves as he showcased how Musk would face off with Mark as he punched him, and locked him up. He wanted viewers to see the fight between him and Zuckerbox, who was a man with a box in his head.

Ma wins every round in the fake fight as they face off in a residential area – not quite the Vegas Octagon that Elon suggested for his and Mark’s fight. The doppelgänger was screaming and said, “Challenge Zuckerberg! Wow!”

The TikTok has been watched over nine million times already with fans getting a teaser of the supposed cage fight that the CEOs will probably get into.

Elon had expressed his desire to meet Yiling, who can also turn out to be an elaborate deepfake. Although the fight is unlikely to happen, both Musk and Zuckerberg have agreed to it.