Ed Sheeran lookalike banned off TikTok for ‘impersonating’ singer

Virginia Glaze
Ed Sheeran's lookalike, Ty Jones, smiles for the camera.

A man who looks just like British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran got banned from TikTok for “impersonating” the star — despite having many disclaimers that he is not, in fact, Ed.

TikTok boasts a surprising catalog of celebrity doppelgangers. For example, take Scarlett Johansson’s lookalike, ‘Miss Kate,’ who went viral last year for her amazing Black Widow cosplays.

Even influencers have their own lookalikes these days, with YouTube star Logan Paul’s dead ringer Rodney Peterson getting into a street brawl with UFC star Nate Diaz in April.

Now, another celebrity lookalike is taking over the internet — and apparently, he looks so much like his famous twin that one of his most prominent social media accounts got banned.

Ed Sheeran lookalike banned from TikTok over “impersonation”

28-year-old influencer Ty Jones looks like the spitting image of British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran… to the point that TikTok actually banned his account for “impersonating” the star.

Jones took to Instagram to announce the news, sharing a screenshot of his TikTok profile that had been “banned.” Although Jones appealed the decision to TikTok, he was denied, despite clarifying in his profile that he was not Ed Sheeran and had a totally separate name from Sheeran’s account.

“Funnily enough my Tiktok account was banned for ‘impersonating’ when my name was individual, my lives were titled ‘I’M NOT ED SHEERAN!’ and my videos consisted of my individual life as a celebrity lookalike, etc.,” he explained. 

“Tiktok just banned me, I appealed and within minutes got a response that it was denied, I genuinely feel discriminated ‘sheerly’ for the way I look. I’ve contacted Ed Sheeran’s team and they claim to have no involvement in this action taken against me, but the news have a keen interest in my story.”

Luckily, his TikTok profile has since been reinstated at the time of writing after reports circulated about his sudden ban. 

Although Jones wasn’t trying to impersonate Sheeran’s TikTok presence, he does make a living being a celebrity impersonator, with most of his content being humorous parodies of the ‘Shape of You’ singer.

In fact, Jones has gone viral multiple times in the past, with one of his most notable acts being impersonating Sheeran at the KSI vs Logan Paul 2 boxing match back in 2019.

Jones is just the latest celebrity doppelganger to go viral on TikTok after Megan Fox’s lookalike revealed the eyebrow-raising requests she receives on her OnlyFans.