Drew Gooden mocks “entitled” Twitch streamers for being “out of touch” - Dexerto

Drew Gooden mocks “entitled” Twitch streamers for being “out of touch”

Published: 24/May/2020 22:56

by Theo Salaun


Popular YouTuber Drew Gooden has had enough of Twitch streamers like InvaderVie, BadBunny and Amanda Cerny “baiting” for subs—so he has dissected why this tactic is disingenuous and “entitled.”

“The quickest way to make people angry is to act as if you’re entitled to their money by merely existing in front of them. Like they should be honored to have the privilege of financially supporting you,” he said.

Over the past several months, numerous clips have gone viral in which Twitch streamers colorfully express disappointment in their audiences for being too stingy and consuming content without subscribing. As Gooden notes, these complaints follow a typical pattern and ultimately reveal an undeserved sense of entitlement.


Taking BadBunny, InvaderVie and Amanda Cerny as case studies, Gooden discusses the signs of a silly pattern: the streamers appeal that their communities pay the $5 to subscribe, gain attention granted by viral outrage and, subsequently, increases in views and income through that new awareness.

To start, Gooden analyzes the first incident, BadBunny’s rant in January: “I don’t know, what are you doing with your life—where you have hours of time to watch Twitch and not five dollars to provide for the content you’re watching?”

The eventual outcome becomes clear, as Gooden remarks that the fallout “was probably the most attention she ever got.”


He then moves on to the next incident, the infamous InvaderVie rant: “Being like ‘I’m broke, I can’t afford to sub.’ That doesn’t really track, what you mean to say is I’m so irresponsible with my money, I can’t support the entertainment that I enjoy.’”

This becomes emblematic—as InvaderVie first berates her audience for acting unable to support her monetarily, before hypocritically and condescendingly deflecting in her following apology and comments.

“I wish that I could give you a satisfactory answer so that you could see who I really am—but that’s not what this is about.” Gooden first notes how obtuse InvaderVie’s apology is, before pointing out that her comments about having worked jobs that were not “glamorous streaming work,” betray earlier comments about why her stream deserves support.


As he paints the cycle, these streamers can “do a bad thing” like smugly beg for subs, profit from the attention of ensuing outrage, subsequently “play the victim” of said outrage, allowing them to profit once from viewers who now feel bad before, finally, circling back to the “bad thing” step.

And this pattern betrays how viewers actually contribute to streamers even without subscribing, as Gooden reminds how free viewers must sit through channel ads while helping boost social analytics that help a streamer’s ranking metrics.


Former Vine star reveals truth behind iconic “Adam” meme

Published: 26/Nov/2020 15:25

by Alice Hearing


Former Vine star Patrick Perkins has cleared up a myth about an iconic meme years after it first took the internet by storm.

While Vine shuffled its mortal coil in 2016, many of its biggest stars have carried on with short-form comedy on YouTube and now TikTok, including Lele Pons, Liza Koshy, and David Dobrik.

Even now, these short clip compilations still get millions of views on YouTube, and there are still multiple Instagram and Twitter accounts dedicated to them. Several vines have carried on their internet life as memes or gifs and have even been pasted onto merchandise.

The vine in question shows a blonde teenager in glasses blowing a smoke circle using a vape on a desk when the person carrying the camera blows it away. The teen turns to the camera and exasperatedly says “Adam!.”

Adam Perkins and Patrick Perkins Vine stars
Instagram: adam___perkins
Adam and Patrick starred in several iconic vines.

Now the star himself has come onto TikTok to confirm some lore surrounding him and his twin brother, which has baffled thousands who never knew the truth.

Another iconic and highly quotable vine involving one of the twins shows them walking into his bathroom in just a pair of boxers saying: “Hi, welcome to chillis.” In another, one of the twins begs viewers to stop comparing him to Chicken Little.

To most people, they look like the exact same person.

However, Patrick has explained in a viral TikTok that they’re actually identical twins. Patrick was the star of the vape video, while the other twin is Adam and the star of the Chilli’s vine. He also showed a picture of them together “since a lot of people don’t believe that there are actually two of us.”

Patrick also posted the video to Twitter and users were bowled over by the new information. One person wrote, “I feel like a different person for knowing this,” while another added, “world-shattering revelations are sometimes just small clarifications I guess.”

In less than 24 hours, Patrick’s tweet has amassed 4,000 likes and continues to grow, bringing back a sense of nostalgia for many and clearing up a long-standing internet myth.