Dream and GeorgeNotFound’s concert torn apart for “awful” performance

dream-georgenotfound-slammed-concert-performanceInstagram: dreamwastaken

Minecraft stars Dream and GeorgeNotFound are coming under fire for their “awful” performance on Dream’s live tour after one of their concerts went viral.

Minecraft star Dream is currently traveling across the United States on his ‘Whoever Wants to Hear’ tour, alongside fellow creator GeorgeNotFound.

Although Dream has cemented himself as a major online figure in the gaming space, he’s also broken into the music biz, releasing several of his own original tracks over the years.

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In August, Dream announced that he would be going on tour, scheduling performances in states like Florida, Texas, California, and more throughout September.

dream-fans-worried-major-surgeryInstagram: dreamwastaken
Dream is a prominent YouTuber who was previously a ‘faceless’ creator, choosing to wear a mask instead of showing his face online.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this tour is being met with much acclaim after a video from one of Dream’s concerts went viral online.

Dream & GeorgeNotFound roasted over concert performance

Affectionately called the ‘Droncert’ among fans, one attendee took a video of Dream and George performing a song they’d written together on the tour… and netizens are tearing it apart.

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“You’ll try to find me but I’m in LA, chillin’ with yo bae,” the pair sing, seemingly out of breath. The duo’s vocals weren’t exactly synched up with each other, either, resulting in a performance that left many viewers disappointed and confused as to why fans were cheering them on.

“I could’ve gone my lifetime without having heard this, and here I am,” one user wrote on X.

“They let anyone make music and perform these days, huh?” another asked.

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“Literally what are they even saying? I can’t even understand most of it,” yet another pointed out.

It’s clear that netizens aren’t impressed with Dream’s skills as a musical performer, with many other commenters arguing that the influencer must have been heavily autotuned on his other songs. That said, those in attendance at their concert seemed to be enjoying themselves.

This is just the latest backlash to stem from Dream after the YouTuber won a Streamy Award for Gamer of the Year over Markiplier, resulting in a slew of criticism against the Minecraft star.

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