Dr DisRespect Reveals Heartbreaking News That He and His Wife Lost Their Second Baby

Calum Patterson

Dr DisRespect took a short break on stream to address some difficult news regarding the miscarriage of he and his wife’s second child, news he had been avoiding discussing for some time.

Real name Guy Beahm, his ‘Dr DisRespect’ character is host of one of the most popular live stream channels on Twitch, known for playing a variety of games with his trademark outfit and bravado.

But Beahm is also a parent and husband and, despite his best efforts, his real life does sometimes cross over into his Dr DisRespect livestreams, recently with some very sad news.

Many of his fans are very invested in his family life too, and were anticipating the forthcoming news of the birth of the Doc and his wife’s, known as ‘Ms Assassin’, second child.

During a live stream on June 13th, a viewer asked if they could expect a gender reveal of the child sometime soon, prompting the Doc decided to break the tough news to his fans.

“I’ve been trying to avoid it, for a little bit. Been trying to avoid that question for a little while and there is a specific reason why.

Unfortunately, we lost it. So, we got to focus on what’s next. That’s the bummer news that I’ve been trying to avoid for a little while.”

He goes on to say that he has been getting a lot of questions about the baby in chat, and he even apologized to his fans for having to give them the sad news, but that he will keep moving forward and see what the future holds.

Dr DisRespect has amassed a large loyal following over his years on the platform, and it is perhaps a positive that he can relate to them on a personal level and remind us all that behind the screen, the moustache and the entertainment there is a human being.

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