Dr Disrespect wants to join Nadeshot by owning “powerhouse” CDL team

dr disrespect call of duty league team nadeshotCall of Duty League / Twitter, @drdisrespect

Following announcements that Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez had reacquired OpTic Gaming and Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag bought a Call of Duty League spot, Dr Disrespect has, once again, teased the possibility of buying a CDL team.

This is not the first time that the Doc has alluded to the Champions Club having a chance to represent at CDL Champs, and it appears unlikely to be the last. Back in early October, the man known as the Two-Time Champ suggested that he could get involved in Call of Duty ownership.

When asked about owning a CDL franchise, Doc, whose real name is Guy Beahm, responded intriguingly: “Will I have my own? Probably not. Will I be a part as a shareholder? You never know…”

Now, he appears to be doubling down on that interest, as the FPS icon applauded H3CZ and Nadeshot’s moves before imagining how special it would be for him to have his own team. In a YouTube video involving his Warzone gameplay, the Doc took an opportunity to discuss how exciting it would be for him and his fanbase to get involved in the esport.

“You know what I was thinking about yesterday, champs? I think it’s fantastic that H3CZ is back in the league, Call of Duty, as an owner. And Nadeshot … Just imagine, ‘Doc has this team.’”

Doc has clearly not stopped dwelling on the idea of CDL ownership and the league’s recent organizational news may have given him an added bump in the desire department. H3CZ is an owner who continues to regularly put out vlog content while Nadeshot is an owner who streams on Twitch, both proving how entertaining it is for fans to have owners who invest in their own content.

Nadeshot LA Thieves100 Thieves
Nadeshot’s LA Thieves announcement rocked the CDL world.

Doc then elaborated on his interest, colorfully spelling out, in third person, how fun it would be for Call of Duty if he was part of an ownership group: “Now we got a narrative going. I feel like Doc can really shake up that narrative with a powerhouse team … the team would automatically adopt the Champions Club.”

With H3CZ uniting the Green Wall under OpTic Chicago and Nadeshot bringing 100T back to CoD with the Los Angeles Thieves (who will also have the world’s first Warzone team), the prospects for the Champions Club getting involved are very exciting. Thus far, there has been no real business moves to earn Doc ownership, but it’s obviously something he’s trying to secure.