Dr Disrespect spotted streaming barefoot after technical difficulties

dr disrespect feetDr Disrespect, YouTube

Dr Disrespect often says he is dripping from ‘head to tippy toe’ in success, but technical difficulties gave his catchphrase a new meaning on stream.

The Two-Time started off the show laying out his intentions, as he was attempting a trio Nuke on Warzone 2 with both Swagg and TimTheTatman.

Though, it wasn’t as crisp a production as what members of the Champions Club have come to expect.

The YouTube streaming star didn’t have the smoothest of starts to his broadcast on February 3, experiencing some issues with his microphone.

Dr Disrespect slides his shoes off for barefoot stream

He said: “You’re probably thinking wow, he’s got no voice. It sounds super far away from the mike…” The audio was mumbling underneath loud music.

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That wasn’t all, either. Doc’s greenscreen didn’t cover the area just before this dazzling red Lamborghini vehicle, leaving a few inches of space that probably didn’t need to be there.

Seconds later, he walked onto the set barefoot.

(You can watch the full clip here)

Dr Disrespect, YouTube
Doc was seen sliding onto the scene barefoot on February 3, 2023.

As regular viewers will be aware, Doc stands at 6 foot 8 inches tall, so not always can his entire frame be seen on camera.

In fact, often you will only see the top half of the streamer on set, seen below.

Dr Disrespect, YouTube
Dr Disrespect’s production quality is usually top quality.

It didn’t take long before he walked from the outside and into the arena, with over 30,000 people flooding to his channel.

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“When it’s all said and done, and when I’m gone, champs. When we’re like none existent… What are they going to be talking about? Are they going to be talking about Dr Technical Issues?”

Swiftly changing topic, Dr Disrespect tip-toed into PUBG looking for a win like it was the good old days, searching for that Chicken Dinner.