DoorDash customer divides TikTok after blaming driver for soggy Subway sandwich

Kawter Abed
TikToker's soggy Subway

A DoorDash customer left TikTok users divided after blaming his driver for his Subway sandwich arriving soggy.

The TikToker went viral after expressing his frustration with the quality of his Subway sandwich that he received via DoorDash.

The disappointed customer, Rico shared a 13-second clip with the caption, “someones gotta pay for this bruh,” and a text overlay that reads, “Im boutta throw hands with the doordasher who delivered this.”

In the viral video, which has over 415,000 views, he showed his wrapped sandwich, which appeared to be soggy and drenched in sauce. He dangled the sandwich in front of the camera, as it undulated like a wet noodle.

“Nah Subway y’all gotta explain bro what the f**k is this? What is this f**king thing?” he questioned. “This isn’t a sandwich. Why would you send this to my home?”

The customer’s complaint sparked a debate in the comment section, as many TikTok users slammed Rico for blaming the DoorDash driver for the quality of his sub.

TikTok divided after DoorDash customer blames driver for soggy Subway sandwich

“Wait, the DD driver makes the food now?” one user asked. “Did ur doordasher soak it in a bucket of oil?” another added.

“Not ur dashers fault u ordered an oil sandwich,” someone else commented.


Some users reasoned with Rico, and offered an an explanation as to why his sandwich ended up becoming a soggy mess, stating that the transportation method may have had something to do with it.

“I think the dasher put it in a hot bag with hot food sadly,” one user suggested. “Transport, time & situating amongst other DD items…wouldn’t it be doordasher’s fault? I say yes,” someone else commented.

Other users couldn’t understand why Rico would want to DoorDash Subway to his house.

“I used to work at subway that’s what you get for door dashing subway in the first place,” one user wrote.

“Why DoorDash Subway? Subway always does this when you DoorDash and select oil and vinegar” another user shared.

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