Doja Cat recreates viral ‘Say So’ TikTok dance for new music video

Virginia Glaze

Rapper, songwriter, and celebrity sensation Doja Cat has finally unveiled the long-awaited music video for her song ‘Say So’ — and she put an unexpected twist on her choreography.

Doja Cat broke into the public consciousness with her viral ‘Moo!’ song in 2018 (better known by its chorus, ‘B*tch I’m a Cow’), later popping off with hits like “Tia Tamera” featuring fellow rapper Rico Nasty.

Since then, she’s seen massive success, boasting her very own song for Hollywood hit ‘Birds of Prey’ and album ‘Hot Pink,’ which includes her super popular track ‘Say So.’

Doja Cat has released the music video for her ‘Hot Pink’ single ‘Say So’ – and her choreography for the track included a surprise twist.

The song itself currently boasts over 28 million views on YouTube and even inspired a viral dance video on TikTok, created by internet star Haley “yodelinghaley” Sharpe.

Sharpe, who has amassed an impressive 1.2 million followers on the platform, scored a whopping 1.1 million likes for her choreography, which has since gone viral across the net — even catching the attention of Doja Cat, herself.

Doja’s ‘Say So’ music video went live on February 27 and has already accumulated over 143k views at the time of writing. But its 70s-inspired glitz and glam aren’t what has social media buzzing; instead, it’s her recreation of the viral TikTok dance, as though paying a star-studded homage to her fans online.

That’s not all: Doja even enlisted Sharpe to dance in the video, a clip from which has since gone equally viral across sites like Twitter.

One Tweet has even garnered over 12k likes, showing the TikTok creator getting down to the beat onset, doused in the video’s signature purple and pink lighting.

Doja previewed her ‘Say So’ music video by performing the song on The Tonight Show, which has also caught fire on YouTube.

Considering her smashing success as of late, it comes as little surprise that the rapper’s funky new track is popping off in a major way. But she’s not hoarding the success for herself, even giving her fans some shine for popularizing the hit on TikTok.

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