Doja Cat faces backlash after calling out Noah Schnapp for sharing DMs

Virginia Glaze

Pop icon Doja Cat is facing backlash after calling out Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp for sharing their DMs — where she notably asked for actor Joseph Quinn’s digits.

Stranger Things is taking over the internet as fans gush over the Netflix show’s latest season and mourn a major character death. (No spoilers here.)

One of the newest additions to the cast, Eddie Munson, is a huge fan-favorite… and apparently, Doja Cat is also quite interested in the metalhead hero.

On July 7, Noah Schnapp (best known for portraying Will Byers in Stranger Things), shared some DMs between himself and Doja Cat, where she asked him to help her link up with Munson’s actor, Joseph Quinn.

Noah Schnapp private DMs with Doja Cat
Doja Cat tried to slide into Joseph Quinn’s DMs.

Schnapp later shared the exchange to social media… but Doja wasn’t a fan of him airing out her romantic intentions toward the star.

“The fact that Noah did that, like went and posted a private conversation between me and him is so unbelievably socially unaware and wack,” she said in a video response. “That’s like borderline snake sh*t, that’s like weasel sh*t.”

While Schnapp has yet to make a public reply to her callout, the internet appears to be backing him up as many netizens are taking issue with her reaction to the actor’s post — and hitting him up for Joseph’s deets in the first place.

“Doja cat calling Noah Schnapp [is] wack,” one user tweeted. “Like she’s not sliding in a teenager’s DMs to ask them to hook her up with someone lmao. Wtf who does that.”

“Doja Cat is under the impression that the 17-year-old Noah Schnap is some machiavellian mastermind who is attempting a powerplay move on her,” another said. “Get a life you weirdo, stop going after teenagers.”

Of course, Twitter hasn’t missed the chance to make some hilarious memes poking fun at the entire situation, either.

With Stranger Things Season 4 officially in the books, fans are looking for any clues about Season 5… including one particular Easter egg that may hint at the next big baddie to threaten Hawkins.

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