Stranger Things TikTok theorizes a bigger, badder monster for Season 5

One TikToker has a pretty convincing theory about a new monster that could arrive in Stranger Things season 5.

Stranger Things season 4 left fans screaming – either in horror of a beloved character’s demise or in frustration about waiting for a new season.

The season ended on a cliff hanger, with the future of the Hawkins crew and their town still very much up in the air.

Spoilers for all of Stranger Things S4 are ahead, as one TikTok user has a theory about how the Upside Down could produce its greatest threat yet.

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The monsters of Stranger Things

Vecna was the Upside Down’s most menacing villain next.

In every part of Stranger Things, the crew from Hawkins had to face monstrous creatures from the dark dimension known as the Upside Down.

These monsters were always likened to enemies from the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, and grew increasingly more vicious as each season introduced a brand new character.

Season 1 debuted with Eleven and the Upside Down with the vicious Demogorgon. In the second and third seasons, vicious creatures like the Demodogs and the Mindflayer came into play.

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Season 4 culminated with the revelation that all of these creatures – and the new Demobats – were all servants of the monster Vecna, a former patient at Hawkins lab like Eleven.

S4 ended with Vecna managing to open a gate to Hawkins, allowing him to break out of the Upside Down, destroying the town and setting up a final confrontation between Eleven and Vecna in season 5. However, the show may have already teased that Vecna isn’t the greatest threat they will face.

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The next big threat

TikTok user g4llav1chbae posted their interesting theory that another monster could emerge in Stranger Things season 5.

They point out that there is a D&D monster called the Hydra, a three-headed beast that Will actually painted and showed Mike in Season 4. This Hydra, they theorize, could be the “giant creature with a gaping mouth” that Nancy says Vecna showed her in a vision.

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In vision, Vecna shows Nancy things that are yet to come, including the destruction of Hawkins. That part of the vision does eventually happen, just as it did in the brief flashes that we the audience could see. So it’s smart to assume that other things in Nancy’s vision will also take place.

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Will has also shown the ability to draw things from the Upside Down due to his connection with Vecna, as he did during the second season. It’s possible that Will drawing the Hydra is somehow influenced by visions from the Upside Down.

While a Hydra would be a formidable foe, many Stranger Things viewers are already content with the showdown with Vecna. Introducing another monster could undercut the tension that season 4 so masterfully built.

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