DisguisedToast hits out at Valorant "incels" for driving women away from gaming - Dexerto

DisguisedToast hits out at Valorant “incels” for driving women away from gaming

Published: 13/Apr/2022 21:46

by Virginia Glaze


Twitch streamer DisguisedToast is taking aim at “incels” in games like Valorant for driving women away from the gaming scene.

It’s no secret that the online gaming world can be an unfriendly place for women from time to time.

Plenty of women in gaming have spoken out about sexist treatment from male teammates in multiplayer titles like Overwatch and Valorant, with streamer IShowSpeed most recently getting banned from the latter for making sexist remarks toward a female player.

Twitch star DisguisedToast spoke out on the matter during an April 2022 broadcast, where he hit out at toxic male players for essentially driving women out of the space — or, more specifically, “incels.”


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DisguisedToast often plays Valorant off-stream – and he says it’s a “coin toss” whether or not male players act “normal” or “weird” toward their female teammates over voice comms.

“The thing I don’t get about incels in video games is that incels are mad that they can’t get girls,” he began. “So, it seems so counterproductive to drive away women from gaming.”

“Like, I’m a recovering incel, and I love women. You know what I want? I want way more women in gaming because more women in gaming means more chances of me interacting with women.”

“So, even if you treat women like objects — which you shouldn’t by the way, women are individuals who should be treated with respect — it seems so stupid to disrespect women in gaming, ’cause you’re driving away the thing you want. Like, are you stupid?”


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This isn’t the first time Toast has hit out at sexism in Valorant; last month, he slammed a commenter for sympathizing with Valorant streamer JasonR, who came under fire for refusing to play with women.

It’s clear that Toast doesn’t have time for sexism in his multiplayer games — something that Riot has also taken a hard stance on by banning iShowSpeed from all of their titles over his sexist outburst.